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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AdanaAdana Airport
Ceyhan?ncirlik Air Base
Kozan?ncirlik Air Base
Imamoglu?ncirlik Air Base
PozantiAdana Airport
KaratasAdana Airport
Aladag?ncirlik Air Base
KaraisaliAdana Airport
FekeKahramanmara? Airport
SufisalimSiirt Airport
Adapinar?ncirlik Air Base
AflakAdana Airport
Agizkara?ncirlik Air Base
Akdam?ncirlik Air Base
Akkaya?ncirlik Air Base
Akkuyu?ncirlik Air Base
Akoren?ncirlik Air Base
Anavarza?ncirlik Air Base
Arabusagi?ncirlik Air Base
Altigozbekirli?ncirlik Air Base
Avcilar?ncirlik Air Base
Aysehoca?ncirlik Air Base
Ayvali?ncirlik Air Base
Bagtepe?ncirlik Air Base
Bahcecik?ncirlik Air Base
Baklali?ncirlik Air Base
BarakdagiAdana Airport
BekirliAdana Airport
Bicilganli?ncirlik Air Base
BozcalarAdana Airport
BozdoganAdana Airport
Boztahta?ncirlik Air Base
BoztahtaAdana Airport
Bucakkoyu?ncirlik Air Base
Bulduklu?ncirlik Air Base
Buruk?ncirlik Air Base
BuyukdikiliAdana Airport
Buyukmangit?ncirlik Air Base
BuyuksofuluAdana Airport
CakalliAdana Airport
Camlarca?ncirlik Air Base
Candirlar?ncirlik Air Base
Ceritler?ncirlik Air Base
CatalanAdana Airport
Cihadiye?ncirlik Air Base
Cinarli?ncirlik Air Base
Cirisgedigi?ncirlik Air Base
CivikliKahramanmara? Airport
Comluk?ncirlik Air Base
ConduKayseri Erkilet Airport
CityNearest Airport
CukurkoyAdana Airport
Cukuroren?ncirlik Air Base
DagdibiAdana Airport
Darilik?ncirlik Air Base
Degirmendere?ncirlik Air Base
Dere?ncirlik Air Base
Dikilitas?ncirlik Air Base
Dilekkaya?ncirlik Air Base
Dokuztekne?ncirlik Air Base
Egceli?ncirlik Air Base
EmelcikAdana Airport
EtekliAdana Airport
Evliya?ncirlik Air Base
Gazikoy?ncirlik Air Base
GerdibiAdana Airport
GildirliAdana Airport
Gokcekoy?ncirlik Air Base
Goreken?ncirlik Air Base
Goztepe?ncirlik Air Base
Gunyazi?ncirlik Air Base
GurumzeKayseri Erkilet Airport
GuzpinarKayseri Erkilet Airport
HaciliAdana Airport
HacimusaliAdana Airport
Hakkibeyli?ncirlik Air Base
Hamdilli?ncirlik Air Base
Hancakiri?ncirlik Air Base
Harlap?ncirlik Air Base
Ibrisim?ncirlik Air Base
Isikkaya?ncirlik Air Base
Isikli?ncirlik Air Base
Kabasakal?ncirlik Air Base
Kahyalar?ncirlik Air Base
Kalkumac?ncirlik Air Base
KarakuzAdana Airport
Karanebili?ncirlik Air Base
KaratasAdana Airport
Karlik?ncirlik Air Base
KasobaAdana Airport
Kayadibi?ncirlik Air Base
Kayadibi?ncirlik Air Base
Kibrislar?ncirlik Air Base
Kilicli?ncirlik Air Base
KirikliAdana Airport
KirikusagiKahramanmara? Airport
Kislak?ncirlik Air Base
Kivrikli?ncirlik Air Base
KizilagacKayseri Erkilet Airport
Kizildam?ncirlik Air Base
Kizillar?ncirlik Air Base