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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ElazigElaz?? Airport
KarakocanElaz?? Airport
KovancilarElaz?? Airport
BaskilElaz?? Airport
PaluElaz?? Airport
KebanElaz?? Airport
SivriceElaz?? Airport
AricakElaz?? Airport
AlacakayaErzincan Airport
AginElaz?? Airport
BahcecikElaz?? Airport
AkbulutElaz?? Airport
Buyuk CaltiElaz?? Airport
KalkankayaElaz?? Airport
TekardicElaz?? Airport
AgamezrasiElaz?? Airport
Yukari DemirliElaz?? Airport
Yukari OvacikElaz?? Airport
BurgudereElaz?? Airport
OrguluElaz?? Airport
KaracabagElaz?? Airport
AndilarElaz?? Airport
GorunduDiyarbakir Airport
KupluceDiyarbakir Airport
OrmanpinarElaz?? Airport
KambertepeElaz?? Airport
BukardiDiyarbakir Airport
AcibademElaz?? Airport
AdediElaz?? Airport
AgadibekElaz?? Airport
AgcakentElaz?? Airport
AgdunutElaz?? Airport
AhsisElaz?? Airport
AhurElaz?? Airport
AkarbasiErzincan Airport
AkcakaleElaz?? Airport
AkcakirazElaz?? Airport
AkcatepeMalatya Erhaç Airport
AkdemirElaz?? Airport
AkgomlekElaz?? Airport
AkkusErzincan Airport
AkmezraaElaz?? Airport
AkmezraaElaz?? Airport
AkpinarErzincan Airport
AkusagiElaz?? Airport
AkyurekElaz?? Airport
AkyurekElaz?? Airport
AlaattinElaz?? Airport
AlacaElaz?? Airport
AlangonenMalatya Erhaç Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlatarlaElaz?? Airport
AlayagmurElaz?? Airport
AlisamElaz?? Airport
AlkatyanElaz?? Airport
AlpagutElaz?? Airport
AltincevreElaz?? Airport
AltincikElaz?? Airport
AltinkusakElaz?? Airport
AltinolcekElaz?? Airport
AltinolukElaz?? Airport
AltinolukElaz?? Airport
AltintarlaElaz?? Airport
AltinusagiMalatya Erhaç Airport
AluskomuElaz?? Airport
AncuzElaz?? Airport
AndiriElaz?? Airport
ApsekiElaz?? Airport
ArgatElaz?? Airport
ArindikElaz?? Airport
ArpaderesiElaz?? Airport
AsagiaginsiElaz?? Airport
AsagicakmakElaz?? Airport
AsagicanakciElaz?? Airport
AsagidemirliElaz?? Airport
AsagigevlaElaz?? Airport
Asagi HuhElaz?? Airport
AsagiicmeElaz?? Airport
AsagikoseElaz?? Airport
Asagi KulusagiMalatya Erhaç Airport
AsagilahanElaz?? Airport
Asagi MirahmetElaz?? Airport
AsagimiselliElaz?? Airport
AsagiovacikElaz?? Airport
AsagisigikElaz?? Airport
AsagiyabanliElaz?? Airport
AslantasiElaz?? Airport
AsvanElaz?? Airport
AtafMalatya Erhaç Airport
AtikanElaz?? Airport
AvciliElaz?? Airport
AvlagiElaz?? Airport
AvsiyaElaz?? Airport
AydinlarErzincan Airport
AyrancikomlariElaz?? Airport
BademliElaz?? Airport
BadempinarElaz?? Airport
BagdereElaz?? Airport
BagguluElaz?? Airport
BaginElaz?? Airport
BaginElaz?? Airport