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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Istanbul Ili(Istanbul)Atatürk International Airport
Istanbul(Istanbul)Atatürk International Airport
Ankara(Ankara Province)Etimesgut Air Base
Izmir(Izmir)Adnan Menderes International Airport
Bursa(Bursa)Bursa Yeni?ehir Airport
Adana(Adana Province)Adana Airport
Gaziantep(Gaziantep Province)Gaziantep International Airport
Konya(Konya Province)Konya Airport
Antalya(Antalya Province)Antalya International Airport
Eskisehir Ili(Eskisehir Province)Çukurhisar Airport
Diyarbakir(Diyarbak?r)Diyarbakir Airport
Kayseri(Kayseri Province)Kayseri Erkilet Airport
Mercin(Mersin Province)Adana Airport
Eskisehir(Eskisehir Province)Anadolu University Airport
Sanliurfa(Sanl?urfa Province)?anl?urfa Airport
Malatya(Malatya Province)Malatya Erhaç Airport
Erzurum(Erzurum Province)Erzurum International Airport
Samsun(Samsun Province)Samsun Çar?amba Airport
Kahramanmaras(Kahramanmaras Province)Kahramanmara? Airport
Van(Van Province)Van Ferit Melen Airport
Denizli(Denizli Province)Çardak Airport
Batman(Batman Province)Batman Airport
Batikent(Ankara Province)Etimesgut Air Base
Elazig(Elaz?g)Elaz?? Airport
Sakarya(Sakarya Province)Cengiz Topel Airport
Gebze(Kocaeli Province)Sabiha Gökçen International Airport
Sivas(Sivas Province)Sivas Airport
Tarsus(Mersin Province)Adana Airport
Trabzon(Trabzon Province)Trabzon International Airport
Manisa(Manisa Province)Çi?li Airport
Balikesir(Bal?kesir Province)Bal?kesir Merkez Airport
Adiyaman(Ad?yaman)Ad?yaman Airport
Esenyurt(Istanbul)Atatürk International Airport
KirikkaleEsenbo?a International Airport
Osmaniye?ncirlik Air Base
Corlu(Tekirdag Province)Tekirda? Çorlu Airport
Kocaeli(Kocaeli Province)Cengiz Topel Airport
Kutahya(Kutahya Province)Anadolu University Airport
Corum(Corum Province)Amasya Merzifon Airport
Siverek(Sanl?urfa Province)?anl?urfa GAP Airport
Isparta(Isparta Province)Süleyman Demirel International Airport
Aydin(Ayd?n Province)Milas Bodrum International Airport
Iskenderun(Hatay Province)Hatay Airport
Antioch(Hatay Province)Hatay Airport
Viransehir(Sanl?urfa Province)Mardin Airport
Usak(Usak Province)Çardak Airport
AksarayNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
Kiziltepe(Mardin Province)Mardin Airport
Afyonkarahisar(Afyonkarahisar)Afyon Airport
Inegol(Bursa)Bursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CityNearest Airport
Tokat(Tokat)Tokat Airport
Edirne(Edirne Province)Ke?an Airport
Tekirdag(Tekirdag Province)Tekirda? Çorlu Airport
Karaman(Karaman Province)Konya Airport
Nazilli(Ayd?n Province)Milas Bodrum International Airport
Ordu(Ordu Province)Orgi AirPort
Siirt(Siirt Province)Siirt Airport
Erzincan(Erzincan Province)Erzincan Airport
Alanya(Antalya Province)Gazipa?a Airport
Turhal(Tokat)Tokat Airport
Bandirma(Bal?kesir Province)Band?rma Airport
Turgutlu(Manisa Province)Akhisar Airport
ZonguldakCengiz Topel Airport
Giresun(Giresun Province)Orgi AirPort
KarabukEsenbo?a International Airport
Bolu(Bolu Province)Ak?nc? Air Base
Ceyhan(Adana Province)?ncirlik Air Base
Manavgat(Antalya Province)Antalya International Airport
Kirsehir(K?rsehir Province)Nev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
Polatli(Ankara Province)Temelli Air Base
Bafra(Samsun Province)Samsun Çar?amba Airport
Rize(Rize)Trabzon International Airport
Eregli(Konya Province)Adana Airport
Agri(Agr? Province)A?r? Airport
Ercis(Van Province)Van Ferit Melen Airport
Nigde(Nigde)Nev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
Luleburgaz(K?rklareli Province)Tekirda? Çorlu Airport
Korfez(Kocaeli Province)Cengiz Topel Airport
Nusaybin(Mardin Province)Mardin Airport
Salihli(Manisa Province)Akhisar Airport
EregliCengiz Topel Airport
Kozan(Adana Province)?ncirlik Air Base
Yozgat(Yozgat Province)Nev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
Canakkale(Canakkale Province)Çanakkale Airport
Patnos(Agr? Province)A?r? Airport
Akhisar(Manisa Province)Akhisar Airport
Amasya(Amasya Province)Amasya Merzifon Airport
Mus(Malatya Province)Mu? Airport
Nizip(Gaziantep Province)Gaziantep International Airport
Kilis(Kilis Province)Gaziantep International Airport
Fatsa(Ordu Province)Orgi AirPort
Cizre(S?rnak Province)Siirt Airport
Bingol(Bingol Province)Mu? Airport
Elbistan(Kahramanmaras Province)Kahramanmara? Airport
Hakkari(Hakkari Province)Van Ferit Melen Airport
Unye(Ordu Province)Samsun Çar?amba Airport
KarsKars Airport
Midyat(Mardin Province)Batman Airport
Nevsehir(Nevsehir)Nev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
Silifke(Mersin Province)Adana Airport