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This is an online tool to search airports in Usak Province, Turkey nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
UsakÇardak Airport
BanazAfyon Airport
EsmeÇardak Airport
SivasliÇardak Airport
UlubeyÇardak Airport
KarahalliÇardak Airport
GuellueÇardak Airport
AgabeyÇardak Airport
AgacbeyliÇardak Airport
AhatAfyon Airport
AhmetlerÇardak Airport
AkarcaÇardak Airport
AkbulakAkhisar Airport
AkcakoyÇardak Airport
AkkeciliÇardak Airport
AkseAfyon Airport
AktasAkhisar Airport
AktasÇardak Airport
AlabaAfyon Airport
AlfaklarÇardak Airport
AlisanlarAfyon Airport
AvganÇardak Airport
AydinliÇardak Airport
AyranciAfyon Airport
AyvacikAfyon Airport
AzizlerÇardak Airport
BagbasiAfyon Airport
BahadirAfyon Airport
BalabanciÇardak Airport
BalcidamAfyon Airport
BaltaliAfyon Airport
BekdemirÇardak Airport
BekisliÇardak Airport
BekkoyÇardak Airport
BekmisÇardak Airport
BelkayaAfyon Airport
BeylerhaniÇardak Airport
BolmeÇardak Airport
BozkoyAfyon Airport
BozkusAfyon Airport
BozlarÇardak Airport
BudaklarÇardak Airport
BugdayliÇardak Airport
BurhaniyeAfyon Airport
BuyukkayaliÇardak Airport
BuyukoturakAfyon Airport
CakalÇardak Airport
CakaldamiÇardak Airport
CalikhasanliAkhisar Airport
CamdereÇardak Airport
CityNearest Airport
CamiliÇardak Airport
CamkoyÇardak Airport
CamlibelÇardak Airport
CamsuAfyon Airport
CamyaziÇardak Airport
CamyuvaAfyon Airport
CardakÇardak Airport
CarikAfyon Airport
CaykislaAkhisar Airport
CemalÇardak Airport
CemalcavusAkhisar Airport
CevizliÇardak Airport
CigerdedeAfyon Airport
CinarcikÇardak Airport
CinogluAfyon Airport
CirpicilarÇardak Airport
CobanÇardak Airport
CogupluÇardak Airport
CokakliÇardak Airport
CorumAfyon Airport
CoviliÇardak Airport
CukuragilÇardak Airport
DagdemirlerAfyon Airport
DagyeniceAfyon Airport
DedeballarÇardak Airport
DelihidirliÇardak Airport
DemirorenÇardak Airport
DerbentAfyon Airport
DeredamiÇardak Airport
DerekoyÇardak Airport
DiskayaAkhisar Airport
DogancikÇardak Airport
DumanliÇardak Airport
DumenlerAfyon Airport
DunekAfyon Airport
DurakliÇardak Airport
DutlucaÇardak Airport
DuzkislaAfyon Airport
DuzkoyÇardak Airport
DuzluceAfyon Airport
EldenizAfyon Airport
ElmacikÇardak Airport
ElvanlarÇardak Airport
EmekseÇardak Airport
EmirliÇardak Airport
EriceAfyon Airport
EselerAfyon Airport
EskisarayÇardak Airport
EsmetasÇardak Airport
FakiliÇardak Airport