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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AdiyamanAd?yaman Airport
KahtaAd?yaman Airport
BesniAd?yaman Airport
GolbasiKahramanmara? Airport
CelikhanAd?yaman Airport
SamsatAd?yaman Airport
TutAd?yaman Airport
SincikAd?yaman Airport
GergerAd?yaman Airport
AbbasiyeKahramanmara? Airport
AcmaAd?yaman Airport
AgacliAd?yaman Airport
AgcakentAd?yaman Airport
AgcikAd?yaman Airport
AgdikanAd?yaman Airport
AgnikAd?yaman Airport
AgveranAd?yaman Airport
AhmethocaAd?yaman Airport
AkcabelAd?yaman Airport
AkcalAd?yaman Airport
AkcaviranAd?yaman Airport
AkdereAd?yaman Airport
AkincilarAd?yaman Airport
AkkuyuAd?yaman Airport
AkkuyuAd?yaman Airport
AkpinarAd?yaman Airport
AlancikAd?yaman Airport
GergerAd?yaman Airport
AlkasAd?yaman Airport
AnnepAd?yaman Airport
ArabanbeydiliKahramanmara? Airport
ArdicolukAd?yaman Airport
ArgaAd?yaman Airport
AriliAd?yaman Airport
AsagicopluAd?yaman Airport
Asagi EurbeunElaz?? Airport
Asagi HozkisiAd?yaman Airport
AsagikoyMalatya Erhaç Airport
AsaginasirliKahramanmara? Airport
Asagi SihlarAd?yaman Airport
Asagi SogutluAd?yaman Airport
AskeranAd?yaman Airport
AslanogluAd?yaman Airport
AtmaliAd?yaman Airport
AvisipiAd?yaman Airport
AzikanAd?yaman Airport
BabilgeAd?yaman Airport
BagozElaz?? Airport
BagpinarAd?yaman Airport
BahceAd?yaman Airport
CityNearest Airport
BahcekoyAd?yaman Airport
BahriAd?yaman Airport
BakiAd?yaman Airport
BalcilarAd?yaman Airport
BalkaAd?yaman Airport
BalkarKahramanmara? Airport
BaniAd?yaman Airport
BanigeziAd?yaman Airport
BattalhuyukAd?yaman Airport
BayilAd?yaman Airport
BazukAd?yaman Airport
BebekAd?yaman Airport
BebekAd?yaman Airport
BelorenAd?yaman Airport
BelorenKahramanmara? Airport
BerbutAd?yaman Airport
BereketliAd?yaman Airport
BervenosAd?yaman Airport
BesatliAd?yaman Airport
BeseriAd?yaman Airport
BesirAd?yaman Airport
BeskozAd?yaman Airport
BesyolAd?yaman Airport
BibolElaz?? Airport
BildiyanAd?yaman Airport
BileyleAd?yaman Airport
BimergoElaz?? Airport
BirciyanAd?yaman Airport
BirgeniAd?yaman Airport
BirikAd?yaman Airport
BirimseAd?yaman Airport
BogazkayaAd?yaman Airport
BostancikAd?yaman Airport
BostanliAd?yaman Airport
BoybeypinariAd?yaman Airport
BozhuyukAd?yaman Airport
BozmusAd?yaman Airport
BubikanAd?yaman Airport
BudakliElaz?? Airport
BurcAd?yaman Airport
BuruncayirAd?yaman Airport
BuyukbagAd?yaman Airport
Buyuk BoyaliAd?yaman Airport
BuyukcerkeziAd?yaman Airport
Buyuk KavakliAd?yaman Airport
Buyuk KirikliAd?yaman Airport
CakalAd?yaman Airport
CakalliAd?yaman Airport
CakiresmeAd?yaman Airport
CakirhuyukAd?yaman Airport