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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AfyonkarahisarAfyon Airport
BolvadinAfyon Airport
SandikliAfyon Airport
DinarSüleyman Demirel International Airport
CayAfyon Airport
EmirdagSivrihisar Airport
SuhutAfyon Airport
IscehisarAfyon Airport
BasmakciÇardak Airport
SultandagiAfyon Airport
DazkiriÇardak Airport
SincanliAfyon Airport
IhsaniyeAfyon Airport
EvcilerÇardak Airport
BayatAfyon Airport
HocalarAfyon Airport
KizilorenSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AblakAfyon Airport
AblakSivrihisar Airport
AfsarSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AglarcaAfyon Airport
AgzikaraAfyon Airport
AkarcaÇardak Airport
AkbabaAfyon Airport
AkcadereAfyon Airport
AkcakoySüleyman Demirel International Airport
AkcinSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AkcinAfyon Airport
AkdereSivrihisar Airport
AkgunSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AkharimAfyon Airport
AkharimAfyon Airport
AhirhisarAfyon Airport
AkhisarAfyon Airport
AkinAfyon Airport
AkkeciliÇardak Airport
AkkoyunluSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AkorenAfyon Airport
AkpinarliSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AkyarmaÇardak Airport
AlacaatliSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AlacamiAfyon Airport
AlagozAfyon Airport
AlanyurtAfyon Airport
AlcaliAfyon Airport
AlibeyceSivrihisar Airport
AlpaslanSüleyman Demirel International Airport
AnayurtAfyon Airport
AnitkayaAfyon Airport
ArapAfyon Airport
CityNearest Airport
ArikoyÇardak Airport
ArizlarAfyon Airport
ArizliAfyon Airport
ArmutluAfyon Airport
AsagialicomakSivrihisar Airport
Asagi MacakliAfyon Airport
Asagi PiribeyliSivrihisar Airport
AsagitandirAfyon Airport
AsagiyeniceÇardak Airport
AtakoyAfyon Airport
AtlihisarAfyon Airport
AyaziniAfyon Airport
AydinAfyon Airport
AydinyakaSivrihisar Airport
AyvaliAfyon Airport
AzabaliAfyon Airport
BademliSüleyman Demirel International Airport
BademliAfyon Airport
BademliSivrihisar Airport
BaglicaSivrihisar Airport
BahcecikAfyon Airport
BalcamAfyon Airport
BalcikhisarAfyon Airport
BallikSüleyman Demirel International Airport
BalmahmutAfyon Airport
BanbulSüleyman Demirel International Airport
BarakliÇardak Airport
Bardakli DamlariAfyon Airport
BasaranSivrihisar Airport
BasarapAfyon Airport
BasirlarAfyon Airport
BaskonakAfyon Airport
BaskuyucakAfyon Airport
BasorenAfyon Airport
BektaskoyAfyon Airport
BelceAfyon Airport
BelkaracaorenAfyon Airport
BeltarlaSüleyman Demirel International Airport
BenliyaverSivrihisar Airport
BeykoyAfyon Airport
BeykoySivrihisar Airport
BeyorenSivrihisar Airport
BeyyaziAfyon Airport
BilgicSüleyman Demirel International Airport
BorazanAfyon Airport
BostanciÇardak Airport
BostanliAfyon Airport
BoyaliAfyon Airport
BozanÇardak Airport
BozanAfyon Airport