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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
IskenderunHatay Airport
AntiochHatay Airport
KirikhanHatay Airport
ReyhanliHatay Airport
DortyolHatay Airport
ErzinHatay Airport
BelenHatay Airport
HassaHatay Airport
YayladagiHatay Airport
AltinozuHatay Airport
KurtlusoguksuHatay Airport
KayrapinarHatay Airport
HiraliHatay Airport
OrduHatay Airport
KoserelikHatay Airport
LubasHatay Airport
HaciomerHatay Airport
TurfandaHatay Airport
MaktaHatay Airport
KurttevekkelliHatay Airport
ArapilHatay Airport
GoktepeHatay Airport
KasikcilarHatay Airport
BalarmuduHatay Airport
DenizcilerHatay Airport
GuzelkoyHatay Airport
KaraelmasliHatay Airport
ArkitcaHatay Airport
CirtimanHatay Airport
HarlisuHatay Airport
MucahitlerHatay Airport
BatirgaHatay Airport
UzunkavakHatay Airport
GolbasiHatay Airport
AteshliHatay Airport
Aygir GolHatay Airport
KaraagacbiryanaHatay Airport
KamyshlarHatay Airport
GulluHatay Airport
TopluHatay Airport
KaranHatay Airport
CakiryigitHatay Airport
Mugar SemsHatay Airport
CheshmeHatay Airport
Sabe TepeHatay Airport
BarakaHatay Airport
HeliseHatay Airport
HatunHatay Airport
Gazimursel TepesiHatay Airport
Gazi Tafur Bey TepesiHatay Airport
CityNearest Airport
Hasan KiyeHatay Airport
AlakuzuHatay Airport
KobsatHatay Airport
Kefer TizayiHatay Airport
KusakliHatay Airport
MarataHatay Airport
BelanHatay Airport
Kefr SeybaHatay Airport
KuzeyneHatay Airport
KhardatepeHatay Airport
Harabe TepeHatay Airport
Kara KayaHatay Airport
OsmaniyeHatay Airport
CatalHatay Airport
MusrifliHatay Airport
DagliyanHatay Airport
HurriyetHatay Airport
Mas TepesiHatay Airport
Alladzhaguyel'Hatay Airport
KazanpinarHatay Airport
AyvacikHatay Airport
ErmeceHatay Airport
KabacinarHatay Airport
YanikdamHatay Airport
UluyolHatay Airport
GurisikHatay Airport
NecipgulseHatay Airport
OlgunlarHatay Airport
YoncakayaHatay Airport
UcirmakHatay Airport
SakiragaHatay Airport
ArpaliHatay Airport
KozpinarHatay Airport
MetisliHatay Airport
AluichakHatay Airport
KekecHatay Airport
AlibeyHatay Airport
ErminazHatay Airport
GakhurderessiHatay Airport
KessalyHatay Airport
YanikdamHatay Airport
DogentasHatay Airport
Yayla MahalleHatay Airport
DuanHatay Airport
KyrgyzHatay Airport
LekecekHatay Airport
EgerciHatay Airport
KarapinarHatay Airport
AfguynHatay Airport
SabanliHatay Airport