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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TokatTokat Airport
TurhalTokat Airport
ZileTokat Airport
ErbaaTokat Airport
NiksarTokat Airport
BasciftlikTokat Airport
YesilyurtTokat Airport
AlmusTokat Airport
ArtovaTokat Airport
PazarTokat Airport
SulusarayTokat Airport
AbdalkoluTokat Airport
AbdurrahmanliSivas Airport
AcipinarTokat Airport
AcisuTokat Airport
AgcakeciTokat Airport
AgcakeciliTokat Airport
AgcasarTokat Airport
AgilcikAmasya Merzifon Airport
AgmusaTokat Airport
AhmetalanTokat Airport
AhmetdanismentTokat Airport
AkarcayTokat Airport
AkbelenTokat Airport
AkbugdayTokat Airport
AkcaTokat Airport
AkcaalanTokat Airport
AkcatarlaTokat Airport
AkdogmusOrgi AirPort
AkgullerTokat Airport
AkgunSamsun Çar?amba Airport
AkguneyTokat Airport
AkkilicTokat Airport
AkkocTokat Airport
AkpinarTokat Airport
AktasTokat Airport
AktepeTokat Airport
AkyamacTokat Airport
AkyamacTokat Airport
AkyaziAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkyurtTokat Airport
AlanTokat Airport
AlanSivas Airport
AlanTokat Airport
AlayurtTokat Airport
AlcakbelTokat Airport
AlemdarTokat Airport
AlibagiTokat Airport
AlicozuTokat Airport
AlihocaTokat Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlinekSamsun Çar?amba Airport
AlpudereTokat Airport
AltintasTokat Airport
AlucTokat Airport
AraplarobasiTokat Airport
ArayTokat Airport
ArdicliTokat Airport
AripinarTokat Airport
ArisuSivas Airport
ArmutalanTokat Airport
ArpacikaracayTokat Airport
ArzupinarTokat Airport
AsagicandirTokat Airport
AsagigucluTokat Airport
AsarTokat Airport
AsarcikTokat Airport
AvsaragziTokat Airport
AyanTokat Airport
AydogduTokat Airport
AydogmusTokat Airport
AyranpinarTokat Airport
AyvaliAmasya Merzifon Airport
BabakoyTokat Airport
BagbasiTokat Airport
BagdatliSivas Airport
BaglarbasiTokat Airport
BaglarpinariTokat Airport
BahcebasiTokat Airport
BakimliTokat Airport
BalikhisarTokat Airport
BallibagTokat Airport
BallicaTokat Airport
BallikayaTokat Airport
BaydarliOrgi AirPort
BayirbasiSivas Airport
BayirkoyTokat Airport
BayirkoyTokat Airport
BayirliTokat Airport
BebekderesiTokat Airport
BedirgeTokat Airport
BedirkaleTokat Airport
BehramTokat Airport
BelkayaTokat Airport
BelkayaTokat Airport
BelpinarTokat Airport
BelpinarTokat Airport
BenliTokat Airport
BereketliOrgi AirPort
BesdereSivas Airport
BesorenTokat Airport