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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BozuyukAnadolu University Airport
BilecikBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
OsmaneliBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
GolpazariCengiz Topel Airport
PazaryeriBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
InhisarAnadolu University Airport
YenipazarAnadolu University Airport
KupluBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
DuzmeseBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BelenalanBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
KoyunkoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
KendirliBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AvdanBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
NazifpasaBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AbadiyeBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AbbaslikBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AdliyeCengiz Topel Airport
AhmetlerBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AkcakavakCengiz Topel Airport
AkcasuAnadolu University Airport
AkkoyAnadolu University Airport
AlcapinarBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AlpagutAnadolu University Airport
AlucCengiz Topel Airport
AricaklarAnadolu University Airport
ArpadereBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
AsagibogazAnadolu University Airport
AsagicayliAnadolu University Airport
AyvacikBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BahcecikBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BahcesultanBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BalcikhisarBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BaltaliAnadolu University Airport
BaskoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BayatkoyAnadolu University Airport
BayirkoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BekdemirBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BelenkoyAnadolu University Airport
BelenorenAnadolu University Airport
BelkeseAnadolu University Airport
BenliCengiz Topel Airport
BereketBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BeyceBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BorcakAnadolu University Airport
BorcakCengiz Topel Airport
BostancilarAnadolu University Airport
BoyunkayaCengiz Topel Airport
BurcalikBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BuyukelmaliBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
BuyuksurmeliCengiz Topel Airport
CityNearest Airport
BuyuksusuzCengiz Topel Airport
BuyukyeniceCengiz Topel Airport
CaferlerAnadolu University Airport
CakirpinarBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CaltiAnadolu University Airport
CamkoruBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CansizlarAnadolu University Airport
CavuskoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CaykoyAnadolu University Airport
CengellerAnadolu University Airport
CerkesliCengiz Topel Airport
CicilerCengiz Topel Airport
CiftlikoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CimiskiAnadolu University Airport
CukurorenBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
CumaliBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
Dandil OrmaniAnadolu University Airport
DerecikorenCengiz Topel Airport
DerekoyAnadolu University Airport
DereliAnadolu University Airport
DeresakariBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
DeresemsettinBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
DereyurukBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
DokuzkoyAnadolu University Airport
DudasAnadolu University Airport
DulgerogluBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
EgerceBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
EricekCengiz Topel Airport
ErkocaBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
EsemenBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
EsenkoyAnadolu University Airport
GecitliAnadolu University Airport
GemicikoyBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
GokcekayaAnadolu University Airport
GokcelerAnadolu University Airport
GokpinarBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
GoldagiAnadolu University Airport
GumusdereBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
GunuorenBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
GunyurduBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
HacikoyAnadolu University Airport
HamidiyeCengiz Topel Airport
HamitabatAnadolu University Airport
HarmankoyAnadolu University Airport
HasandereBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
HatiplerCengiz Topel Airport
HisarcikAnadolu University Airport
HisarcikCengiz Topel Airport
YarhisarBursa Yeni?ehir Airport
IlyascaBursa Yeni?ehir Airport