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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AnkaraEtimesgut Air Base
BatikentEtimesgut Air Base
PolatliTemelli Air Base
HaymanaTemelli Air Base
HisarlikayaTemelli Air Base
SazagasiTemelli Air Base
BahkhisarEsenbo?a International Airport
KeciorenEtimesgut Air Base
YilmazkoyEsenbo?a International Airport
UcanEsenbo?a International Airport
SancarEsenbo?a International Airport
IymirAk?nc? Air Base
KumpinarAk?nc? Air Base
PecenekEsenbo?a International Airport
KarakoyEsenbo?a International Airport
KosrelikEsenbo?a International Airport
CimsitEtimesgut Air Base
BatikentEtimesgut Air Base
EryamanEtimesgut Air Base
YenikentAk?nc? Air Base
BayindirEtimesgut Air Base
UmitkoyEtimesgut Air Base
CicektepeEtimesgut Air Base
TatlarEtimesgut Air Base
YaylabagEtimesgut Air Base
HacihasarEtimesgut Air Base
BagiciEtimesgut Air Base
AbadanEsenbo?a International Airport
AgilcikEsenbo?a International Airport
AhiEsenbo?a International Airport
AlacaorenEsenbo?a International Airport
AlpagutAk?nc? Air Base
AydinAk?nc? Air Base
BaglumEsenbo?a International Airport
BalikhisarEsenbo?a International Airport
BitikAk?nc? Air Base
CalsekiEsenbo?a International Airport
CaltaAk?nc? Air Base
CimsitAk?nc? Air Base
CugluAk?nc? Air Base
DagyakaAk?nc? Air Base
DumlupinarEsenbo?a International Airport
EmirgaziAk?nc? Air Base
EsenbogaEsenbo?a International Airport
EvciAk?nc? Air Base
FethiyeAk?nc? Air Base
GeldibulduEsenbo?a International Airport
GicikEsenbo?a International Airport
GolkoyEsenbo?a International Airport
GumusolukEsenbo?a International Airport
CityNearest Airport
GumusyaylaEsenbo?a International Airport
GunbasiAk?nc? Air Base
GuvencAk?nc? Air Base
IcorenAk?nc? Air Base
IkipinarEsenbo?a International Airport
ImrendiAk?nc? Air Base
IncirlikAk?nc? Air Base
InekoyAk?nc? Air Base
IvedikEtimesgut Air Base
KaracakayaEtimesgut Air Base
KaracaorenEsenbo?a International Airport
KarakoyEsenbo?a International Airport
KaralarAk?nc? Air Base
KarsiyakaEsenbo?a International Airport
KiliclarEsenbo?a International Airport
KinikAk?nc? Air Base
KislakoyAk?nc? Air Base
KizikEsenbo?a International Airport
KizilcaEsenbo?a International Airport
KosrelikkizigiEsenbo?a International Airport
KuruorenEsenbo?a International Airport
KurusariEsenbo?a International Airport
MeliksahEsenbo?a International Airport
MemlikEtimesgut Air Base
OrhaniyeAk?nc? Air Base
PecenekEsenbo?a International Airport
PursakkirEsenbo?a International Airport
SaraykoyEsenbo?a International Airport
SaraykoyAk?nc? Air Base
SaribeylerAk?nc? Air Base
SarilarAk?nc? Air Base
SigirlihaciEsenbo?a International Airport
SirkeliEsenbo?a International Airport
SogucakAk?nc? Air Base
SusuzEtimesgut Air Base
TuglakoyEsenbo?a International Airport
YakacikEtimesgut Air Base
YakuphasanEsenbo?a International Airport
YassiorenAk?nc? Air Base
YazibeyliAk?nc? Air Base
YazirEsenbo?a International Airport
YeniceEsenbo?a International Airport
YuvaEtimesgut Air Base
YuvaEsenbo?a International Airport
BumsuzserefliTemelli Air Base
SaatliTemelli Air Base
SincikTemelli Air Base
MandiraTemelli Air Base
BuyukyagciTemelli Air Base
KatranciTemelli Air Base