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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Eskisehir IliÇukurhisar Airport
EskisehirAnadolu University Airport
SaricakayaAnadolu University Airport
SivrihisarSivrihisar Airport
CiftelerSivrihisar Airport
MihalgaziAnadolu University Airport
AlpuÇukurhisar Airport
BeylikovaÇukurhisar Airport
SeyitgaziEski?ehir Air Base
AkcaorenÇukurhisar Airport
BeykoyÇukurhisar Airport
BeyyaylaAnadolu University Airport
BozanicAnadolu University Airport
BunaklarAnadolu University Airport
CalkayaÇukurhisar Airport
DuzkoyÇukurhisar Airport
GokcekayaÇukurhisar Airport
GuneyÇukurhisar Airport
IgdecikÇukurhisar Airport
IgdirAnadolu University Airport
KandamlamisÇukurhisar Airport
KapikayaAnadolu University Airport
KapikayaAnadolu University Airport
KaracaorenÇukurhisar Airport
KaraoglanAnadolu University Airport
KozluÇukurhisar Airport
KuyupinarÇukurhisar Airport
LacinÇukurhisar Airport
MahmuthisarÇukurhisar Airport
MayislarAnadolu University Airport
OrencikÇukurhisar Airport
SakariilicaAnadolu University Airport
SakarikaracaorenÇukurhisar Airport
SallangacÇukurhisar Airport
SulelerÇukurhisar Airport
CukurcaAfyon Airport
KocahaciliTemelli Air Base
AbbashalimpasaSivrihisar Airport
Aciciftligi YaylasiSivrihisar Airport
AcikoySivrihisar Airport
AgachisarÇukurhisar Airport
AgackoySivrihisar Airport
AgapinarEski?ehir Air Base
AhilarEski?ehir Air Base
AhilerSivrihisar Airport
AhirkoySivrihisar Airport
AhirkoySivrihisar Airport
AhirkoyuSivrihisar Airport
AhirozuSivrihisar Airport
AkcabeySivrihisar Airport
CityNearest Airport
AkcakayaEski?ehir Air Base
AkcayirAnadolu University Airport
AkguneyÇukurhisar Airport
AkinEski?ehir Air Base
AkisikÇukurhisar Airport
AkkayaAnadolu University Airport
AkpinarEski?ehir Air Base
AksakliEski?ehir Air Base
AktasSivrihisar Airport
Akveren YaylasiSivrihisar Airport
AkviranSivrihisar Airport
AkyurtÇukurhisar Airport
AlanyaylasiSivrihisar Airport
AlincaAnadolu University Airport
ArikayaÇukurhisar Airport
ArslanbeyliEski?ehir Air Base
ArslanliSivrihisar Airport
Asagi CaglanEski?ehir Air Base
Asagi DoganogluÇukurhisar Airport
Asagi DudasÇukurhisar Airport
AsagiigdeagaciÇukurhisar Airport
AsagiilicaEski?ehir Air Base
Asagi KartalAnadolu University Airport
Asagi MahalleEski?ehir Air Base
AsagisogutEski?ehir Air Base
Asagi SogutonuAnadolu University Airport
AtalanAnadolu University Airport
AtalantekkeAnadolu University Airport
AtlasSivrihisar Airport
AvcilaryaylasiTemelli Air Base
AvdanEski?ehir Air Base
AvlamisAnadolu University Airport
AydinliSivrihisar Airport
AyvaliSivrihisar Airport
AyvaliEski?ehir Air Base
BabadatSivrihisar Airport
BabulluSivrihisar Airport
BahcecikSivrihisar Airport
BahcecikÇukurhisar Airport
BahcekuyuÇukurhisar Airport
BahtiyarÇukurhisar Airport
BalcikhisarSivrihisar Airport
BallihisarSivrihisar Airport
BardakciSivrihisar Airport
BaskurtSivrihisar Airport
BasorenÇukurhisar Airport
BektaspinariAnadolu University Airport
BelenÇukurhisar Airport
BelpinarSivrihisar Airport
BenlikuyuSivrihisar Airport