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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
DenizliÇardak Airport
SaraykoyÇardak Airport
SerinhisarÇardak Airport
BuldanÇardak Airport
CivrilÇardak Airport
TavasÇardak Airport
AcipayamÇardak Airport
HonazÇardak Airport
KaleDalaman International Airport
BaklanÇardak Airport
KonakÇardak Airport
BabadagÇardak Airport
BozkurtÇardak Airport
BekilliÇardak Airport
AkkoyÇardak Airport
AbdalkoyÇardak Airport
AcidereÇardak Airport
AcidereÇardak Airport
AcisuÇardak Airport
AdakoyÇardak Airport
AdamharmaniÇardak Airport
AdiguzeldamlariÇardak Airport
AfsarÇardak Airport
AhilliÇardak Airport
AhmetliÇardak Airport
AkalanÇardak Airport
AkbasÇardak Airport
AkcapinarÇardak Airport
AkdagÇardak Airport
AkdereÇardak Airport
AkhanÇardak Airport
AkkayaDalaman International Airport
AkkentÇardak Airport
AkpinarDalaman International Airport
AksarDalaman International Airport
AlaattinÇardak Airport
AlacaogluÇardak Airport
AlandizÇardak Airport
AlanyurtDalaman International Airport
AlciDalaman International Airport
AlfaklarÇardak Airport
AlikurtÇardak Airport
AliverenÇardak Airport
ApaÇardak Airport
ArappinarÇardak Airport
Aribeleni YaylasiDalaman International Airport
ArmutcukDalaman International Airport
Asagi CapakAnadolu University Airport
AsagicesmeÇardak Airport
AsagidagdereÇardak Airport
CityNearest Airport
AsagidodurgaÇardak Airport
AsagigorleMilas Bodrum International Airport
Asagi HaylamazÇardak Airport
AsagikaracayÇardak Airport
Asagi KarahayitÇardak Airport
AsagisamliÇardak Airport
AsagiseyitÇardak Airport
AsarciÇardak Airport
AvdanÇardak Airport
AvdanÇardak Airport
AyazÇardak Airport
AydoganÇardak Airport
AydogduÇardak Airport
AyvacikÇardak Airport
AyvazÇardak Airport
BademliÇardak Airport
BagbasiÇardak Airport
BahadirlarÇardak Airport
BahaettinlerÇardak Airport
BaharlarÇardak Airport
BaharlarÇardak Airport
BahcekoyÇardak Airport
BaklancakirlarÇardak Airport
BaklankuyucakÇardak Airport
BalcidereDalaman International Airport
BalcikhisarÇardak Airport
BalkicaDalaman International Airport
BascesmeÇardak Airport
BayatÇardak Airport
BayiralanÇardak Airport
BedirbeyÇardak Airport
BekirliÇardak Airport
BekirliAfyon Airport
BelenardicÇardak Airport
BelenceÇardak Airport
BelenceAnadolu University Airport
BeleviDalaman International Airport
BeleviÇardak Airport
BenlikDalaman International Airport
BereketlerÇardak Airport
BereketliÇardak Airport
BescamÇardak Airport
BeyagacDalaman International Airport
BeydilliÇardak Airport
BeyelliÇardak Airport
BeykoyAfyon Airport
BeylerbeyiÇardak Airport
BeylerliÇardak Airport
BicakciDalaman International Airport
BogazciftligiÇardak Airport