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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BingolMu? Airport
GencMu? Airport
SolhanMu? Airport
KarliovaErzurum International Airport
YayladereErzincan Airport
YedisuErzurum International Airport
MuratkoyMu? Airport
YenidalMu? Airport
GundogduMu? Airport
CavuslarMu? Airport
GokceliMu? Airport
SoguksumezrasiMu? Airport
GelintepeMu? Airport
DemirkapiMu? Airport
SukyanMu? Airport
KocsirtiMu? Airport
BayirliMu? Airport
BinekliMu? Airport
ElmagunuMu? Airport
UmurluMu? Airport
GeyikdereMu? Airport
TanriverdiMu? Airport
KaymazMu? Airport
BuyukcagBatman Airport
YolcatiBatman Airport
YazkonagiMu? Airport
YeniyaziDiyarbakir Airport
DirekliDiyarbakir Airport
DogancaDiyarbakir Airport
CevirmeMu? Airport
KeklikdereMu? Airport
DerekoyMu? Airport
ArdicdibiMu? Airport
CayagziMu? Airport
IncesuMu? Airport
OnbirevlerMu? Airport
KokluMu? Airport
GozerMu? Airport
CukurcaMu? Airport
GoltepesiMu? Airport
IlicalarMu? Airport
YaydereDiyarbakir Airport
SaribudakDiyarbakir Airport
CaybasiDiyarbakir Airport
EricekDiyarbakir Airport
KavakliDiyarbakir Airport
SehitkoyDiyarbakir Airport
GuzeldereDiyarbakir Airport
SogukpinarDiyarbakir Airport
CamliyurtDiyarbakir Airport
CityNearest Airport
YumakliElaz?? Airport
KilcadirDiyarbakir Airport
YenikoyElaz?? Airport
CicekyaylaMu? Airport
AlincikElaz?? Airport
BilalogluElaz?? Airport
KurucaElaz?? Airport
YolcatiElaz?? Airport
DirekliElaz?? Airport
KartalElaz?? Airport
YaziliElaz?? Airport
AbdalanElaz?? Airport
AbdosMu? Airport
AcikguneyErzincan Airport
AdakliErzincan Airport
AgaceliMu? Airport
AgdatErzincan Airport
AkbidakErzincan Airport
AkdurmusMu? Airport
AkimliErzincan Airport
AktoprakDiyarbakir Airport
AlaaddinDiyarbakir Airport
AlakiliseErzurum International Airport
AlamiranMu? Airport
AlatepeMu? Airport
AlibirElaz?? Airport
AlikiranMu? Airport
AlipinarkoyErzurum International Airport
AlpekmezErzincan Airport
AltinyaziErzincan Airport
AlyanMu? Airport
AmaricErzincan Airport
AmasyaMu? Airport
AngigErzurum International Airport
ArabaMu? Airport
ArakonakMu? Airport
ArdictepeMu? Airport
AricaErzurum International Airport
AricilarErzincan Airport
AsagiakpinarMu? Airport
Asagi BaskoyErzincan Airport
AsagikarmurunErzincan Airport
AsagikoyElaz?? Airport
AsagimendelliErzurum International Airport
Asagi MoziErzurum International Airport
AsagiserinyerErzincan Airport
Asagi SivikMu? Airport
AsagisorikErzurum International Airport
AsagiyagmurluMu? Airport
Asagi ZehriMu? Airport