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Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
YozgatNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
SorgunTokat Airport
YerkoyNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
AkdagmadeniTokat Airport
CayiralanKayseri Erkilet Airport
SefaatliNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
YenifakiliNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
SaraykentTokat Airport
CekerekTokat Airport
AydincikAmasya Merzifon Airport
KadisehriTokat Airport
AcacihuyukTokat Airport
AgilliAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkcakaleTokat Airport
AlicliTokat Airport
AsagikuyucakAmasya Merzifon Airport
BakirbogaziAmasya Merzifon Airport
BasalanAmasya Merzifon Airport
BaspinarTokat Airport
BaydiginAmasya Merzifon Airport
BazlamacAmasya Merzifon Airport
BuyuktoramanAmasya Merzifon Airport
CamsarayTokat Airport
CandirAmasya Merzifon Airport
CayirozuAmasya Merzifon Airport
CurukkoyTokat Airport
DereciftlikAmasya Merzifon Airport
DeveciAmasya Merzifon Airport
DikmesogutTokat Airport
ElbeyliAmasya Merzifon Airport
EleminTokat Airport
EymirAmasya Merzifon Airport
FakidagiTokat Airport
FuadiyeAmasya Merzifon Airport
GumussuTokat Airport
GurogluAmasya Merzifon Airport
HaciilyasAmasya Merzifon Airport
HaciilyasAmasya Merzifon Airport
HalikoyTokat Airport
HanozuTokat Airport
IshakliTokat Airport
KalkanciAmasya Merzifon Airport
KamiscikTokat Airport
KarakayaTokat Airport
KayakislaAmasya Merzifon Airport
KayalarTokat Airport
KazankayaAmasya Merzifon Airport
KirkdilimAmasya Merzifon Airport
KizilcakislaAmasya Merzifon Airport
KocabekirAmasya Merzifon Airport
CityNearest Airport
KosrelikAmasya Merzifon Airport
KoyunculuTokat Airport
KucukegnelliAmasya Merzifon Airport
KucuktoramanAmasya Merzifon Airport
KurtagiliTokat Airport
KurtkoyuAmasya Merzifon Airport
KurucayTokat Airport
KussarayAmasya Merzifon Airport
KuzgunTokat Airport
MollaismailAmasya Merzifon Airport
NarlikislaTokat Airport
OzorenTokat Airport
OzukavakTokat Airport
SarikoyTokat Airport
SeyhanTokat Airport
UzumlukAmasya Merzifon Airport
YavihasanTokat Airport
YeltenTokat Airport
YeniceAmasya Merzifon Airport
YoncalikTokat Airport
YukarikarakayaTokat Airport
YukarikuyucakAmasya Merzifon Airport
AbdilliKayseri Erkilet Airport
AbdurrahmanliTokat Airport
AfsaralaniKayseri Erkilet Airport
AgacliTokat Airport
AgcinAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhmetfakiliTokat Airport
AkbasTokat Airport
AkbenliKayseri Erkilet Airport
AkbucakKayseri Erkilet Airport
AkcadamKayseri Erkilet Airport
AkcakislaKayseri Erkilet Airport
AkcakoyunluNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
AkcakoyunluTokat Airport
AkcamiNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
AkkozakKayseri Erkilet Airport
AkocakAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkolukKayseri Erkilet Airport
AktasTokat Airport
AktasAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkyamacNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport
AlciKayseri Erkilet Airport
AlembeyKayseri Erkilet Airport
AlemdarAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlibarTokat Airport
AlidemirciKayseri Erkilet Airport
AlifakiliKayseri Erkilet Airport
AlifakiliKayseri Erkilet Airport
AlifakiliNev?ehir Kapadokya International Airport