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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
OrduOrgi AirPort
FatsaOrgi AirPort
UnyeSamsun Çar?amba Airport
KumruOrgi AirPort
GurgentepeOrgi AirPort
KorganOrgi AirPort
PersembeOrgi AirPort
IkizceSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CamasOrgi AirPort
AkkusSamsun Çar?amba Airport
KabatasOrgi AirPort
UlubeyOrgi AirPort
MesudiyeOrgi AirPort
KabaduzOrgi AirPort
AbdiliOrgi AirPort
AgdereOrgi AirPort
AgizlarOrgi AirPort
AhurcukOrgi AirPort
AkcaliOrgi AirPort
AkcatepeOrgi AirPort
AkkeseOrgi AirPort
AkkirikOrgi AirPort
AkolukOrgi AirPort
AkpinarOrgi AirPort
AlanOrgi AirPort
AlanSamsun Çar?amba Airport
AlanyurtOrgi AirPort
AlembeyOrgi AirPort
AmbarciliOrgi AirPort
AnacOrgi AirPort
AratepeOrgi AirPort
ArikmusaOrgi AirPort
ArmutkoluOrgi AirPort
ArpaalanOrgi AirPort
ArpakoyOrgi AirPort
ArpalikOrgi AirPort
AsagikizilinOrgi AirPort
AsagitepeOrgi AirPort
AybastiOrgi AirPort
AydinlarOrgi AirPort
AydintepeSamsun Çar?amba Airport
AydoganOrgi AirPort
AziziyeOrgi AirPort
BaglarcaOrgi AirPort
BahcelerOrgi AirPort
BakirkoyOrgi AirPort
BaskoyOrgi AirPort
BaskoyOrgi AirPort
BaskoyOrgi AirPort
BayadiOrgi AirPort
CityNearest Airport
BayadiOrgi AirPort
BayiralanOrgi AirPort
BayrakliOrgi AirPort
BayrakliOrgi AirPort
BayramliOrgi AirPort
BekirliOrgi AirPort
BelalanOrgi AirPort
BelenOrgi AirPort
BesdamOrgi AirPort
BeyagacOrgi AirPort
BeyceliOrgi AirPort
BeylerliOrgi AirPort
BeyliOrgi AirPort
BeysekiOrgi AirPort
BirebirOrgi AirPort
BolamanOrgi AirPort
BolamanOrgi AirPort
BoztepeOrgi AirPort
BudakOrgi AirPort
BuhariOrgi AirPort
BurhanettinkoyOrgi AirPort
CagmanOrgi AirPort
CakilliSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CakirliOrgi AirPort
CaltepeOrgi AirPort
CamalanSamsun Çar?amba Airport
Cambasi YaylasiOrgi AirPort
CamlikOrgi AirPort
CamlikoyOrgi AirPort
CardakliOrgi AirPort
CatakOrgi AirPort
CatakSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CatalliOrgi AirPort
CatalpinarSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CatiliSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CavdarOrgi AirPort
CavdarOrgi AirPort
CavusbasiOrgi AirPort
CavuslarOrgi AirPort
CaybasiSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CaybasiSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CayiralanOrgi AirPort
CayiralanSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CayirliSamsun Çar?amba Airport
CaytepeOrgi AirPort
CelalOrgi AirPort
CerliOrgi AirPort
CesmeonuOrgi AirPort
CetilliOrgi AirPort
CihadiyeOrgi AirPort