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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
CorluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
TekirdagTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CerkezkoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
MalkaraKe?an Airport
HayraboluKe?an Airport
MarmaraereglisiTekirda? Çorlu Airport
Agirmese CiftligiTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AhievrenKe?an Airport
AhimehmetTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AhmedikliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AhmetceKe?an Airport
AhmetpasaKe?an Airport
AkcahalilKe?an Airport
AkcakeseAmasya Merzifon Airport
AksakalKe?an Airport
AlacaogluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AlabeyKe?an Airport
AlliisikKe?an Airport
Alvanbey CiftligiTekirda? Çorlu Airport
ArzuluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AsagikilicliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AsagisevindikTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AvluobasiTekirda? Çorlu Airport
AyvacikTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BagpinariKe?an Airport
BahceagilTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BakircaTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BalabancikKe?an Airport
BalabancikKe?an Airport
BalabanliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BalliKe?an Airport
BallihocaTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BanarliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BarbarosTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BatkinKe?an Airport
BayramsahTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BayramtepeKe?an Airport
BeyazkoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BeyogluKe?an Airport
BiyikaliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BuyukkarakarliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BuyukyoncaliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
BuzagiciTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CambazdereKe?an Airport
CanakciTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CanhidirSamand?ra Air Base
CavuskoyKe?an Airport
CaylaTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CenekoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CengelliKe?an Airport
CityNearest Airport
CerkezmusellimKe?an Airport
CesmeliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CevrimkayaTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CikrikciKe?an Airport
CimendereKe?an Airport
CinaraltiKe?an Airport
CinarliKe?an Airport
CinarlidereKe?an Airport
CukurcengelTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CukuryurtTekirda? Çorlu Airport
CumakoyAmasya Merzifon Airport
DambaslarTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DanismentKe?an Airport
DavuteliKe?an Airport
DegirmenkoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DelillerKe?an Airport
DemirlerTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DemirliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DeregunduzluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DerekoyKe?an Airport
DeveciKe?an Airport
DeveliKe?an Airport
DogankoyKe?an Airport
DogrukaracamuratTekirda? Çorlu Airport
DoluKe?an Airport
EdirkoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
ElmaliKe?an Airport
EmiraliKe?an Airport
EmiryakupKe?an Airport
ErikliceKe?an Airport
EsenlerTekirda? Çorlu Airport
EvrenbeyKe?an Airport
FahriogluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
FaraskoyKe?an Airport
FerhadanliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GazikoyKe?an Airport
GenerliKe?an Airport
GocerlerTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GolcukKe?an Airport
GonenceKe?an Airport
GozsuzKe?an Airport
GunduzluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GunduzluTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GungormezTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GuvencliTekirda? Çorlu Airport
GuzelkoyKe?an Airport
HacikoyTekirda? Çorlu Airport
HaciliKe?an Airport
HacisungurKe?an Airport
HalicKe?an Airport