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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TunceliElaz?? Airport
HozatElaz?? Airport
PertekElaz?? Airport
NazimiyeErzincan Airport
MazgirtElaz?? Airport
PulumurErzincan Airport
AbdoluElaz?? Airport
AbsekerElaz?? Airport
AdaErzincan Airport
AgacpinarErzincan Airport
AgasenligiErzincan Airport
AgdatErzincan Airport
AgdatErzincan Airport
AgtasErzincan Airport
AgviranElaz?? Airport
AgvisiElaz?? Airport
AgzikaraVan Ferit Melen Airport
AgzonikElaz?? Airport
AgzunikElaz?? Airport
AkbulutErzincan Airport
AkcapinarElaz?? Airport
AkcayurtElaz?? Airport
AkdemirElaz?? Airport
AkduvenElaz?? Airport
AkkavakElaz?? Airport
AkkiliseElaz?? Airport
AkorenElaz?? Airport
AkpazarErzincan Airport
AkpinarElaz?? Airport
AktarlaElaz?? Airport
AktasErzincan Airport
AktulukElaz?? Airport
AktulukElaz?? Airport
AkyayikErzincan Airport
AlacikErzincan Airport
AlancikElaz?? Airport
AlanyaziElaz?? Airport
AlciliElaz?? Airport
AlhanElaz?? Airport
AltincevreElaz?? Airport
AltinhuseyinErzincan Airport
AltinyuzukElaz?? Airport
AmutkaElaz?? Airport
AnbarElaz?? Airport
AnilElaz?? Airport
ArpaderenElaz?? Airport
ArzularErzincan Airport
AsagibasakErzincan Airport
Asagi BurnakElaz?? Airport
AsagicanakVan Ferit Melen Airport
CityNearest Airport
AsagigulbahceElaz?? Airport
AsagiharikErzincan Airport
Asagi HezirgeElaz?? Airport
Asagi KaravenkElaz?? Airport
Asagi KaviElaz?? Airport
AsagikazanElaz?? Airport
Asagi KomrasElaz?? Airport
Asagi MarkazanErzincan Airport
Asagi SindamElaz?? Airport
AsagitarlacikElaz?? Airport
Asagi TavukElaz?? Airport
AsagitorunobaErzincan Airport
Asagi VartinikElaz?? Airport
AsagiyakabasiElaz?? Airport
AskirikErzincan Airport
AskisorElaz?? Airport
AslicaErzincan Airport
AtacinariElaz?? Airport
AtlantiElaz?? Airport
AvuncaElaz?? Airport
AyazpinarElaz?? Airport
AyranliErzincan Airport
AzgilarErzincan Airport
BabaocagiElaz?? Airport
BaginElaz?? Airport
BalanElaz?? Airport
BalcaliElaz?? Airport
BalkanElaz?? Airport
BalkaynakElaz?? Airport
BalbayamErzincan Airport
BardakciErzincan Airport
BasakciElaz?? Airport
BasoElaz?? Airport
BayburtluErzincan Airport
BaylikElaz?? Airport
BedretilElaz?? Airport
BegendikErzincan Airport
BegendikErzincan Airport
BehravElaz?? Airport
BerginiElaz?? Airport
BeruElaz?? Airport
BeselmaElaz?? Airport
BeyceErzincan Airport
BeylermezraasiElaz?? Airport
BilanElaz?? Airport
BilgecErzincan Airport
BirastikErzincan Airport
BirdoErzincan Airport
BirihiElaz?? Airport
BirimanElaz?? Airport