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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GiresunOrgi AirPort
SebinkarahisarOrgi AirPort
BulancakOrgi AirPort
GoreleTrabzon International Airport
TireboluOrgi AirPort
EspiyeOrgi AirPort
EynesilTrabzon International Airport
KesapOrgi AirPort
PirazizOrgi AirPort
DereliOrgi AirPort
DogankentOrgi AirPort
ErenkoyOrgi AirPort
AhircikOrgi AirPort
AhirliOrgi AirPort
AhmetliOrgi AirPort
AkcaliOrgi AirPort
AkkayaOrgi AirPort
AkkoyOrgi AirPort
AkpinarOrgi AirPort
AksuOrgi AirPort
AktepeOrgi AirPort
AlacakoyuOrgi AirPort
AlancikOrgi AirPort
AlisarOrgi AirPort
AltincevreOrgi AirPort
AltinpinarOrgi AirPort
AlucraOrgi AirPort
AmbaralanOrgi AirPort
AralicakOrgi AirPort
AralikTrabzon International Airport
ArdaErzincan Airport
ArdicTrabzon International Airport
ArmutluOrgi AirPort
ArpacikOrgi AirPort
ArslansahOrgi AirPort
AsagiboynuyogunOrgi AirPort
AsarcikOrgi AirPort
AvciliOrgi AirPort
AvlucaOrgi AirPort
AvlucaericekOrgi AirPort
AydinyaylaOrgi AirPort
AyvatOrgi AirPort
BabapinarOrgi AirPort
BahceliOrgi AirPort
BalcikliOrgi AirPort
BaltasiOrgi AirPort
BarcaOrgi AirPort
BayhasanOrgi AirPort
BayindirOrgi AirPort
BayirErzincan Airport
CityNearest Airport
BayramOrgi AirPort
BayramsahOrgi AirPort
BektasyaylaOrgi AirPort
BereketliOrgi AirPort
Beyalan YaylasiOrgi AirPort
BoylucaErzincan Airport
BoztekkeOrgi AirPort
BoztepeTrabzon International Airport
BulbulluOrgi AirPort
BurunucuOrgi AirPort
CakilkayaErzincan Airport
CakmakErzincan Airport
CakrakOrgi AirPort
CalcaOrgi AirPort
CalganErzincan Airport
CalkoyOrgi AirPort
CamiliOrgi AirPort
CamkoyOrgi AirPort
CamlicaOrgi AirPort
CamliyaylaErzincan Airport
CamolukErzincan Airport
CanakciTrabzon International Airport
CanliTrabzon International Airport
CatalanOrgi AirPort
CavusluTrabzon International Airport
CayirkoyOrgi AirPort
CegelOrgi AirPort
CepnikoyOrgi AirPort
CibrilOrgi AirPort
CicekliOrgi AirPort
CicekliOrgi AirPort
CindiOrgi AirPort
CivilTrabzon International Airport
CokcealiOrgi AirPort
CukurOrgi AirPort
DamlacikOrgi AirPort
DamudereOrgi AirPort
DandiOrgi AirPort
DanismanTrabzon International Airport
DarikoyOrgi AirPort
DayiliTrabzon International Airport
DedeliOrgi AirPort
DemirozuOrgi AirPort
DeregozuTrabzon International Airport
DeregozuTrabzon International Airport
DerekoyOrgi AirPort
DerekusculuTrabzon International Airport
DevecikboynuOrgi AirPort
DikmenOrgi AirPort
DikmenOrgi AirPort