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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BalikesirBal?kesir Merkez Airport
BandirmaBand?rma Airport
EdremitBal?kesir Körfez Airport
GonenBand?rma Airport
BurhaniyeBal?kesir Körfez Airport
AyvalikBal?kesir Körfez Airport
SusurlukBal?kesir Merkez Airport
ErdekBand?rma Airport
DursunbeyBal?kesir Merkez Airport
BigadicBal?kesir Merkez Airport
HavranBal?kesir Körfez Airport
SindirgiBal?kesir Merkez Airport
SavastepeBal?kesir Merkez Airport
IvrindiBal?kesir Merkez Airport
KepsutBal?kesir Merkez Airport
ManyasBand?rma Airport
ArmutovaBal?kesir Körfez Airport
MarmaraBand?rma Airport
BalyaBal?kesir Merkez Airport
AdayatakBand?rma Airport
AkcaovaBand?rma Airport
AkcapinarBand?rma Airport
AkcapinarBand?rma Airport
AksakalBand?rma Airport
AlacaolukBand?rma Airport
AlaettinBand?rma Airport
AlasarBand?rma Airport
ArmutluBand?rma Airport
ArnavutkoyBand?rma Airport
AsagiyapiciBand?rma Airport
AsmaliBand?rma Airport
AsmalidereBand?rma Airport
AticiobaBand?rma Airport
BakirliBand?rma Airport
BalcikoyBand?rma Airport
BalikliBand?rma Airport
BallipinarBand?rma Airport
BayramicBand?rma Airport
BereketliBand?rma Airport
BeykoyBand?rma Airport
BeyolukBand?rma Airport
BezirciBand?rma Airport
BogazBand?rma Airport
BolceagacBand?rma Airport
BostanciBand?rma Airport
BugdayliBand?rma Airport
BuyuksoguklarBand?rma Airport
CakilBand?rma Airport
CakilkoyuBand?rma Airport
CakircaBand?rma Airport
CityNearest Airport
CaliskanlarBand?rma Airport
CambazBand?rma Airport
CamliBand?rma Airport
CarikBand?rma Airport
CavuskoyBand?rma Airport
CayagziBand?rma Airport
CeltikciBand?rma Airport
CepniBand?rma Airport
CigmisBand?rma Airport
CinarliBand?rma Airport
CinarpinarBand?rma Airport
CinarpinarBand?rma Airport
CingeBand?rma Airport
CirkincavusBand?rma Airport
CobanhamidiyeBand?rma Airport
CumhuriyetBand?rma Airport
DaricaBand?rma Airport
DerekoyBand?rma Airport
DerekoyBand?rma Airport
DisbudakBand?rma Airport
DogaBand?rma Airport
DoganciBand?rma Airport
DoganlarBand?rma Airport
DoganpinarBand?rma Airport
DogrucaBand?rma Airport
DumanalaniBand?rma Airport
DutlimanBand?rma Airport
EdincikBand?rma Airport
EksidereBand?rma Airport
ErgiliBand?rma Airport
ErikliBand?rma Airport
EsenBand?rma Airport
EskisigirciBand?rma Airport
EskiziraatliBand?rma Airport
GaybularBand?rma Airport
GelgecBand?rma Airport
GeyikliBand?rma Airport
GobelBand?rma Airport
GokcesucirpanBand?rma Airport
GolyakaBand?rma Airport
GundogduBand?rma Airport
GundogduBand?rma Airport
GunesliBand?rma Airport
Haciali CiftligiBand?rma Airport
HacimentesBand?rma Airport
HaciveliobaBand?rma Airport
HaciyakupBand?rma Airport
HamamliBand?rma Airport
HamamliBand?rma Airport
HarmanliBand?rma Airport