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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
DiyarbakirDiyarbakir Airport
BismilBatman Airport
SilvanBatman Airport
ErganiElaz?? Airport
KulpMu? Airport
CermikElaz?? Airport
LiceBatman Airport
DicleDiyarbakir Airport
HaniDiyarbakir Airport
YukarisalatBatman Airport
KocakoyDiyarbakir Airport
HazroBatman Airport
CungusElaz?? Airport
AmbarDiyarbakir Airport
EgilDiyarbakir Airport
AltinkumBatman Airport
UctepeDiyarbakir Airport
AralikBatman Airport
SinankoyBatman Airport
YaprakbasiDiyarbakir Airport
KazanciDiyarbakir Airport
KoseliDiyarbakir Airport
TurkmenhaciDiyarbakir Airport
AkcayirBatman Airport
BademliBatman Airport
BashanBatman Airport
KopuzluBatman Airport
DorukBatman Airport
HarmanliBatman Airport
YukariharimBatman Airport
MeydanlikDiyarbakir Airport
KurudereBatman Airport
BayindirBatman Airport
IsiklarDiyarbakir Airport
BelliBatman Airport
SercelerBatman Airport
AkkoyBatman Airport
ToprakliBatman Airport
IsapinarBatman Airport
PinarbasiBatman Airport
MeydankoyDiyarbakir Airport
HasanpinarBatman Airport
BakacakDiyarbakir Airport
ArikgolBatman Airport
BasorenBatman Airport
HaskoyDiyarbakir Airport
IncirtepeDiyarbakir Airport
YeniceBatman Airport
SahintepeBatman Airport
BelenliDiyarbakir Airport
CityNearest Airport
TepecikBatman Airport
KeberliBatman Airport
KavusakBatman Airport
KarayigitBatman Airport
AlucBatman Airport
KamisliBatman Airport
KaracikBatman Airport
CataltarlaDiyarbakir Airport
AsagidolayBatman Airport
KogukBatman Airport
AktepeDiyarbakir Airport
UgrakBatman Airport
BaskoyBatman Airport
SekiBatman Airport
YagmurkoyBatman Airport
AlincakBatman Airport
KaratepeBatman Airport
UyanikBatman Airport
KaracolyaBatman Airport
BahceBatman Airport
CukurbasiDiyarbakir Airport
OrencikDiyarbakir Airport
Yukari KilictasiDiyarbakir Airport
YesilkoyDiyarbakir Airport
CankliDiyarbakir Airport
AgacgecitDiyarbakir Airport
BagivarDiyarbakir Airport
DonumluDiyarbakir Airport
KesikagacDiyarbakir Airport
CarikliDiyarbakir Airport
UzunbahceDiyarbakir Airport
DeveliDiyarbakir Airport
CicekliyurtDiyarbakir Airport
YasilkoyDiyarbakir Airport
UyandikDiyarbakir Airport
HuyukdibiDiyarbakir Airport
FilizorenDiyarbakir Airport
SeyhcobanDiyarbakir Airport
TilverDiyarbakir Airport
AvdaliDiyarbakir Airport
BallibabaDiyarbakir Airport
Yukari OrtaorenDiyarbakir Airport
HarabeDiyarbakir Airport
DerecikMu? Airport
AkdorukMu? Airport
NarlicaMu? Airport
UcdamlarBatman Airport
UygurBatman Airport
KurudereBatman Airport
KarpuzluBatman Airport