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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Sanliurfa?anl?urfa Airport
Siverek?anl?urfa GAP Airport
ViransehirMardin Airport
Suruc?anl?urfa Airport
BirecikGaziantep International Airport
CeylanpinarMardin Airport
Bozova?anl?urfa GAP Airport
Hilvan?anl?urfa GAP Airport
Altinbasak?anl?urfa Airport
HalfetiGaziantep International Airport
HanMardin Airport
TasyakaMardin Airport
AltinsuMardin Airport
AlacaMardin Airport
DuzovaMardin Airport
YalcinkayaMardin Airport
YukarikaratasMardin Airport
BeyaztasMardin Airport
YesiltepeMardin Airport
DalyaMardin Airport
DikiliMardin Airport
Buyuk YeniceMardin Airport
IsiklarMardin Airport
Yukari TaslidereMardin Airport
CeylanMardin Airport
Yukari KaratasMardin Airport
AsagikaratasMardin Airport
AydogduMardin Airport
Yukari TasyalakMardin Airport
YuksektepeMardin Airport
Asagi TasyalakMardin Airport
DamlacikMardin Airport
YenikoyMardin Airport
AvciliMardin Airport
BogaliMardin Airport
AsagidorukluMardin Airport
Buyukyildiz?anl?urfa Airport
Kucuk Yildiz?anl?urfa Airport
Turkoglu?anl?urfa Airport
Buyuk Cayli?anl?urfa Airport
Hamuk?anl?urfa Airport
Sofrali?anl?urfa Airport
Yolbasi?anl?urfa Airport
Keskin?anl?urfa Airport
Asagikoclu?anl?urfa Airport
Anzele?anl?urfa Airport
Yaygili?anl?urfa Airport
Cagbasi?anl?urfa Airport
Dipsiye?anl?urfa Airport
Mitgalta?anl?urfa Airport
CityNearest Airport
Buyuk Cafer?anl?urfa Airport
Kucuk Cafer?anl?urfa Airport
Bakislar?anl?urfa Airport
Buyuk Celle?anl?urfa Airport
Buyuk Rusum?anl?urfa Airport
Resmelhalule?anl?urfa Airport
Umuroba?anl?urfa Airport
Akmesat?anl?urfa Airport
Buyukotluca?anl?urfa Airport
Buyuk Taslica?anl?urfa Airport
Yagmurlu?anl?urfa Airport
Suayipsehri?anl?urfa Airport
Koyunluca?anl?urfa Airport
Goktas?anl?urfa Airport
Asagi Kesmekaya?anl?urfa Airport
Saide?anl?urfa Airport
Damlasu?anl?urfa Airport
Narliova?anl?urfa Airport
Buyuk Tokac?anl?urfa Airport
Pekmezli?anl?urfa Airport
Gozcu?anl?urfa Airport
Yalintas?anl?urfa Airport
Akdiken?anl?urfa Airport
Kepezli?anl?urfa Airport
Bukdere?anl?urfa Airport
Konaga?anl?urfa Airport
Toytepe?anl?urfa Airport
Birsahan?anl?urfa Airport
Mureycip?anl?urfa Airport
Hadova?anl?urfa Airport
Menzele?anl?urfa Airport
Zenzele?anl?urfa Airport
Cepkenli?anl?urfa Airport
Semsettin?anl?urfa Airport
Hasim tel Harman?anl?urfa Airport
Aburges?anl?urfa Airport
Tayyip ummul Divere?anl?urfa Airport
Mesture?anl?urfa Airport
Bir Abo?anl?urfa Airport
Haric tel Cahs?anl?urfa Airport
Bir Matar?anl?urfa Airport
Hadbe?anl?urfa Airport
Kecili?anl?urfa Airport
Zenginova?anl?urfa Airport
Aksahrinc?anl?urfa Airport
Hallave?anl?urfa Airport
Sarki Kirmitli?anl?urfa Airport
Harabetul Hasan?anl?urfa Airport
Sihmus?anl?urfa Airport
Til Muhimit?anl?urfa Airport