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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ManisaÇi?li Airport
TurgutluAkhisar Airport
SalihliAkhisar Airport
AkhisarAkhisar Airport
SomaAkhisar Airport
AlasehirAkhisar Airport
KulaAkhisar Airport
KirkagacAkhisar Airport
DemirciAkhisar Airport
SaruhanliAkhisar Airport
GolmarmaraAkhisar Airport
SarigolAkhisar Airport
AhmetliAkhisar Airport
GordesAkhisar Airport
SelendiAkhisar Airport
KoprubasiAkhisar Airport
KarakocaÇi?li Airport
CicekliÇi?li Airport
GokcelerÇi?li Airport
EvrenosÇi?li Airport
EmlakdereÇi?li Airport
KaraaliÇi?li Airport
AkgedikÇi?li Airport
CinarlikuyuAkhisar Airport
KiranciftigiAkhisar Airport
GulbahceÇi?li Airport
KocakoruAkhisar Airport
MollasuleymanliÇi?li Airport
EskiyagcilarÇi?li Airport
AvdalÇi?li Airport
KarayagcibacilarÇi?li Airport
UzurburunÇi?li Airport
Kucuk SumbullerÇi?li Airport
BogazkaleAkhisar Airport
AbdiAkhisar Airport
AdanaAkhisar Airport
AdilAkhisar Airport
AdilobaAkhisar Airport
AfsarAkhisar Airport
AhatlarAkhisar Airport
AhmetagaAkhisar Airport
AhmetlerAkhisar Airport
AhmetlerAkhisar Airport
AhmetliAkhisar Airport
AkcaalanAkhisar Airport
AkcaalanAkhisar Airport
AkcaavluAkhisar Airport
AkcapinarAkhisar Airport
AkdereAkhisar Airport
AkkeciliAkhisar Airport
CityNearest Airport
AkkocaliAkhisar Airport
AkkoyAkhisar Airport
AkorenAkhisar Airport
AkyarAkhisar Airport
AlacalarAkhisar Airport
AlahidirAkhisar Airport
AlanyoluAkhisar Airport
AlemsahliÇardak Airport
AlibeyliAkhisar Airport
AliefendilerAkhisar Airport
AlifakiAkhisar Airport
AlkanAkhisar Airport
AllahdiyenAkhisar Airport
AptalAkhisar Airport
ArabacibozAkhisar Airport
ArmaganAkhisar Airport
ArmutluAkhisar Airport
ArpaciAkhisar Airport
ArpadereAkhisar Airport
AsagiCobanisaAkhisar Airport
KeciliÇi?li Airport
AsagitefenAkhisar Airport
AsibucakAkhisar Airport
AsmacikAkhisar Airport
AvdanAkhisar Airport
AvsalaAkhisar Airport
AvsarAkhisar Airport
AyazorenAkhisar Airport
AydinlarAkhisar Airport
AyvaalaniAkhisar Airport
AyvacikAdnan Menderes International Airport
AyvatlarAkhisar Airport
AzimliAkhisar Airport
AzitepeAkhisar Airport
AzizbeyAkhisar Airport
BadincaAkhisar Airport
BagyoluÇi?li Airport
BahadirAkhisar Airport
BahcecikAkhisar Airport
BakirAkhisar Airport
BakterliAkhisar Airport
BalibeyAkhisar Airport
BalikliAkhisar Airport
BallicaAkhisar Airport
BalliobaAkhisar Airport
BardakciAkhisar Airport
BasibuyukAkhisar Airport
BaslamisAkhisar Airport
BattalbeyAkhisar Airport
BayatAkhisar Airport