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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KastamonuEsenbo?a International Airport
TosyaAmasya Merzifon Airport
TaskopruAmasya Merzifon Airport
IneboluAmasya Merzifon Airport
DevrekaniAmasya Merzifon Airport
BozkurtAmasya Merzifon Airport
AracEsenbo?a International Airport
DadayEsenbo?a International Airport
AbanaAmasya Merzifon Airport
KureAmasya Merzifon Airport
AzdavayEsenbo?a International Airport
SeydilerAmasya Merzifon Airport
IhsangaziEsenbo?a International Airport
PinarbasiEsenbo?a International Airport
HanonuAmasya Merzifon Airport
DoganyurtEsenbo?a International Airport
AbbasyanikEsenbo?a International Airport
AbdalhasanAmasya Merzifon Airport
AbdiagaEsenbo?a International Airport
AbdulgaziAmasya Merzifon Airport
AbdulkadirEsenbo?a International Airport
AbdullahAmasya Merzifon Airport
AbudagaAmasya Merzifon Airport
AcemkoyEsenbo?a International Airport
AcikisiAmasya Merzifon Airport
AdalarEsenbo?a International Airport
AfsarEsenbo?a International Airport
AfsarAmasya Merzifon Airport
AfsarguneyAmasya Merzifon Airport
AfsarimamAmasya Merzifon Airport
AgacbukuEsenbo?a International Airport
AgacukluAmasya Merzifon Airport
AglikoyEsenbo?a International Airport
AhatlarAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhinAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhlanAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhlarEsenbo?a International Airport
AhlatEsenbo?a International Airport
AhlatcikEsenbo?a International Airport
AhlatcikAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhlatcikAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhlatcikEsenbo?a International Airport
AhlatcikAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhmetbeseAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhmetbeyAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhmetogluAmasya Merzifon Airport
AhmetogluEsenbo?a International Airport
AhnaAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkbayirEsenbo?a International Airport
AkbiyikEsenbo?a International Airport
CityNearest Airport
AkbukEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcabelEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcacamEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcaibazEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcakeseEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcakeseAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkcakiseEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcapinarEsenbo?a International Airport
AkcasuAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkdegirmenAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkdivanEsenbo?a International Airport
AkdoganAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkdoganAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkdoganAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkgunAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkilcalmanEsenbo?a International Airport
AkincilarEsenbo?a International Airport
AkkonakAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkmescitAmasya Merzifon Airport
AkpinarEsenbo?a International Airport
AkpinarEsenbo?a International Airport
AkpinarEsenbo?a International Airport
AksekiAmasya Merzifon Airport
AksekiAmasya Merzifon Airport
AksinirAmasya Merzifon Airport
AksuEsenbo?a International Airport
AktasEsenbo?a International Airport
AktasAmasya Merzifon Airport
AktasAmasya Merzifon Airport
AktastekkeEsenbo?a International Airport
AlacaEsenbo?a International Airport
AlacikEsenbo?a International Airport
AlacikAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlakayaEsenbo?a International Airport
AlakayaAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlamabatakAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlancikEsenbo?a International Airport
AlantepeAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlasokuAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlayaziEsenbo?a International Airport
AlayuzEsenbo?a International Airport
AlcilarAmasya Merzifon Airport
AliagaAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlibeseAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlibeyAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlibeyAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlibeyEsenbo?a International Airport
Alibey KiraniAmasya Merzifon Airport
AlimollaEsenbo?a International Airport
AlincaEsenbo?a International Airport