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Note: Data of all the airports in the Agr? Province, Turkey may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Turkey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AgriA?r? Airport
PatnosA?r? Airport
DogubayazitI?d?r Airport
EleskirtA?r? Airport
TaslicayA?r? Airport
HamurA?r? Airport
YenitelcekerI?d?r Airport
MeliksahI?d?r Airport
AbdicikmazA?r? Airport
AbdiA?r? Airport
AbdurrahmanA?r? Airport
AbsirinA?r? Airport
AdimovaA?r? Airport
AgilbasiA?r? Airport
AhmetbeyA?r? Airport
AkcayA?r? Airport
AkdanaA?r? Airport
AkdilekA?r? Airport
AktugluI?d?r Airport
AkyeleA?r? Airport
AkyolacI?d?r Airport
AkyumakA?r? Airport
AlagunA?r? Airport
AlakocluA?r? Airport
AlakoyunA?r? Airport
AlicipiI?d?r Airport
AlikorA?r? Airport
AlintepeI?d?r Airport
AlkusakA?r? Airport
AltincayirA?r? Airport
AndacliA?r? Airport
AnitliA?r? Airport
ArakonakA?r? Airport
ArasA?r? Airport
ArmutluVan Ferit Melen Airport
ArslangaziA?r? Airport
AsagiagadeveA?r? Airport
AsagiayranciI?d?r Airport
AsagicihanbeyA?r? Airport
AsagidalorenA?r? Airport
AsagidemirkapiI?d?r Airport
AsagideredibiA?r? Airport
AsagidormeliA?r? Airport
AsagiesenA?r? Airport
AsagigeldusA?r? Airport
AsagikamisliA?r? Airport
Asagi KanipekA?r? Airport
AsagikarahalitA?r? Airport
AsagikentA?r? Airport
Asagi KocoI?d?r Airport
CityNearest Airport
AsagikopuzA?r? Airport
AsagikulecikA?r? Airport
AsagikupkiranA?r? Airport
Asagi MollahasanA?r? Airport
AsagiozdekA?r? Airport
AsagisaklicaA?r? Airport
AsagitokluA?r? Airport
AsagitutekI?d?r Airport
AsagiyenigunA?r? Airport
AsagiyigincalI?d?r Airport
AskaleA?r? Airport
AsurgevrekA?r? Airport
AtabindiA?r? Airport
AtadamiA?r? Airport
AtayoluI?d?r Airport
AydogduA?r? Airport
AyranciI?d?r Airport
BilicanI?d?r Airport
BahceA?r? Airport
BalcicekA?r? Airport
BaldereA?r? Airport
BallibostanA?r? Airport
BalolukA?r? Airport
BaltacikA?r? Airport
BardakliI?d?r Airport
BarindiI?d?r Airport
BascavusA?r? Airport
BaskentA?r? Airport
BaskoyI?d?r Airport
BastarlaA?r? Airport
BatibeyliA?r? Airport
BatmisA?r? Airport
BayindirA?r? Airport
BeklemezA?r? Airport
BereketI?d?r Airport
BesbulakA?r? Airport
BeslerI?d?r Airport
BeydamarliA?r? Airport
BinkayaI?d?r Airport
BintosunA?r? Airport
BisiA?r? Airport
BolasliA?r? Airport
BolucekI?d?r Airport
BolukbasiA?r? Airport
BolukbasiA?r? Airport
BoyalanI?d?r Airport
BozkasA?r? Airport
BozoglakA?r? Airport
BozyaylaI?d?r Airport
BudakA?r? Airport