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Note: Data of all the airports in the Viljandimaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ViljandiTartu Airport
Karksi-NuiaTartu Airport
VohmaPärnu Airport
Abja-PaluojaPärnu Airport
ViiratsiTartu Airport
Suure-JaaniPärnu Airport
MoisakulaPärnu Airport
RamsiPärnu Airport
OlustverePärnu Airport
KarksiTartu Airport
Vana-VoiduTartu Airport
PariPärnu Airport
VastemoisaPärnu Airport
SurgaverePärnu Airport
Kolga-JaaniTartu Airport
UusnaTartu Airport
KopuPärnu Airport
HallistePärnu Airport
OisuPärnu Airport
PaistuTartu Airport
SaarepeediTartu Airport
KooTartu Airport
SoeTartu Airport
SuislepaTartu Airport
KarstnaTartu Airport
JamejalaPärnu Airport
PuiatuPärnu Airport
LeieTartu Airport
KamaraPärnu Airport
PolliTartu Airport
KarulaTartu Airport
MustiverePärnu Airport
UldeTartu Airport
ReegoldiPärnu Airport
PoldePärnu Airport
KoksvereTartu Airport
HolstreTartu Airport
PinskaPärnu Airport
HeimtaliPärnu Airport
KoidamaPärnu Airport
PeetrimoisaTartu Airport
LohaverePärnu Airport
SavikotiPärnu Airport
MetskulaPärnu Airport
KobruverePärnu Airport
VardjaTartu Airport
ParstiPärnu Airport
TanassilmaTartu Airport
VillaTartu Airport
LoodiPärnu Airport
CityNearest Airport
ArikulaTartu Airport
ValmaTartu Airport
AnikatsiTartu Airport
TustiTartu Airport
VardiPärnu Airport
SultsiTartu Airport
SudisteTartu Airport
LalsiTartu Airport
IntsuTartu Airport
LilliTartu Airport
SupsiPärnu Airport
MeleskiTartu Airport
TuhalaaneTartu Airport
PahuvereTartu Airport
VeeliksePärnu Airport
KaavereTartu Airport
MataperaTartu Airport
MonnasteTartu Airport
PilistvereTartu Airport
TinnikuruTartu Airport
VerilaskeTartu Airport
TaaksiTartu Airport
NavestiPärnu Airport
SoomeverePärnu Airport
AiduTartu Airport
UlensiTartu Airport
VeskimaePärnu Airport
SiniallikuPärnu Airport
ParakulaPärnu Airport
MaeltkulaTartu Airport
ValusteTartu Airport
ValgitaTartu Airport
TohvriPärnu Airport
VoivakuTartu Airport
JaskaPärnu Airport
VooruTartu Airport
KullaPärnu Airport
OdisteTartu Airport
AngiPärnu Airport
Vana-KaristePärnu Airport
IiaPärnu Airport
JaanessaTartu Airport
KovakulaTartu Airport
OtiTartu Airport
HirmukulaTartu Airport
VeisjarveTartu Airport
VilimeesteTartu Airport
TaariTartu Airport
JakobimoisaTartu Airport
SoovikuTartu Airport