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Both domestic/regional and international airports in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Ida-Virumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NarvaTartu Airport
Kohtla-JarveTartu Airport
SillamaeTartu Airport
JohviTartu Airport
KivioliTartu Airport
Narva-JoesuuTartu Airport
PussiTartu Airport
AseriTallinn Airport
Kohtla-NommeTartu Airport
VokaTartu Airport
IisakuTartu Airport
AvinurmeTartu Airport
ToilaTartu Airport
JarveTartu Airport
SondaTallinn Airport
MaetaguseTartu Airport
OlginaTartu Airport
LuganuseTartu Airport
LohusuuTartu Airport
TammikuTartu Airport
KuremaeTartu Airport
SinimaeTartu Airport
PurtseTallinn Airport
TudulinnaTartu Airport
ErraTartu Airport
UlviTartu Airport
KiiklaTartu Airport
RannuTallinn Airport
SavalaTartu Airport
KurtnaTartu Airport
EdiseTartu Airport
KoseTartu Airport
PagariTartu Airport
AlajoeTartu Airport
MaidlaTartu Airport
SakaTartu Airport
VaivaraTartu Airport
KonjuTartu Airport
VarjaTartu Airport
SompaTartu Airport
KahulaTartu Airport
PuhajoeTartu Airport
SoldinaTartu Airport
VasavereTartu Airport
KaevussaareTartu Airport
AhuTartu Airport
VisiskaTartu Airport
KopliTartu Airport
TorvajoeTartu Airport
KudrukulaTartu Airport
CityNearest Airport
HundinurgaTartu Airport
HiiemetsaTartu Airport
KasevaljaTartu Airport
Vaike-PungerjaTartu Airport
KoldamaeTartu Airport
LipnikuTartu Airport
KivinommeTartu Airport
KaidmaTartu Airport
EdivereTartu Airport
OngassaareTartu Airport
OhakvereTartu Airport
TarakuseTartu Airport
VaivinaTartu Airport
LinnaTartu Airport
MartsaTartu Airport
PargitaguseTartu Airport
KotinukaTartu Airport
PaulikuTartu Airport
TakumetsaTartu Airport
PeeriTartu Airport
OruTallinn Airport
KortsialuseTallinn Airport
SalakulaTartu Airport
NuriTartu Airport
SatsuTallinn Airport
HirmuseTartu Airport
LohkuseTartu Airport
VainuTallinn Airport
MustmattaTartu Airport
RooduTartu Airport
VornuTartu Airport
KoolmaTartu Airport
OanduTartu Airport
PiilseTartu Airport
NinasiTartu Airport
TammetaguseTartu Airport
LopeTartu Airport
RoostojaTartu Airport
TagajoeTartu Airport
KellassaareTartu Airport
PikatiTartu Airport
TammessaareTartu Airport
SalliksaareTartu Airport
KorveTartu Airport
SeparaTartu Airport
KorvemetsaTartu Airport
AdrakuTartu Airport
AgusaluTartu Airport
AhtmeTartu Airport
AiduTartu Airport