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Note: Data of all the airports in the Laane-Virumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RakvereTallinn Airport
TapaTallinn Airport
KundaTallinn Airport
TamsaluTallinn Airport
KadrinaTallinn Airport
Vaike-MaarjaTallinn Airport
SomeruTallinn Airport
HaljalaTallinn Airport
RakkeTartu Airport
VinniTallinn Airport
PajustiTallinn Airport
RoelaTartu Airport
HuljaTallinn Airport
SaaseTallinn Airport
VosuTallinn Airport
SimunaTartu Airport
LaekvereTartu Airport
TuduTartu Airport
VaoTallinn Airport
NapiTallinn Airport
VajanguTallinn Airport
Viru-JaagupiTallinn Airport
PiiraTallinn Airport
Viru-NigulaTallinn Airport
UhtnaTallinn Airport
AaspereTallinn Airport
UbjaTallinn Airport
EssuTallinn Airport
VeltsiTallinn Airport
TriigiTallinn Airport
UlviTallinn Airport
KiltsiTallinn Airport
MoeTallinn Airport
MuugaTartu Airport
VaekulaTallinn Airport
UssimaeTallinn Airport
PorkuniTallinn Airport
PaasvereTartu Airport
ArknaTallinn Airport
KihlevereTallinn Airport
ImastuTallinn Airport
VetikuTallinn Airport
Viru-KabalaTallinn Airport
TorremaeTallinn Airport
VenevereTartu Airport
VohnjaTallinn Airport
InjuTallinn Airport
RoodevaljaTallinn Airport
EbavereTallinn Airport
LasilaTallinn Airport
CityNearest Airport
PodruseTallinn Airport
KohalaTallinn Airport
KadilaTallinn Airport
SallaTartu Airport
VosupereTallinn Airport
RidakulaTallinn Airport
AssamallaTallinn Airport
AvispeaTartu Airport
KaruTartu Airport
MooraTartu Airport
EipriTallinn Airport
TaaravainuTallinn Airport
LevalaTallinn Airport
KaritsaTallinn Airport
AvanduseTartu Airport
PandivereTallinn Airport
PodranguTallinn Airport
UndlaTallinn Airport
AmaTallinn Airport
KasmuTallinn Airport
VahakulmuTallinn Airport
PikevereTallinn Airport
VihulaTallinn Airport
SaldaTallinn Airport
KutiTallinn Airport
LiigvallaTartu Airport
KikuTallinn Airport
VaiatuTallinn Airport
VergiTallinn Airport
ModrikuTallinn Airport
UudekulaTallinn Airport
KadapikuTallinn Airport
ViitnaTallinn Airport
NaistevaljaTallinn Airport
KaasiksaareTartu Airport
AntuTartu Airport
PedassaareTallinn Airport
VistlaTallinn Airport
PaasiTallinn Airport
HailiTallinn Airport
EismaTallinn Airport
TiigiTallinn Airport
AavikuTallinn Airport
TatruseTallinn Airport
LihulopeTallinn Airport
HarjadiTallinn Airport
TirbikuTallinn Airport
VanduTallinn Airport
MadapeaTallinn Airport
EeskulaTallinn Airport