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Note: Data of all the airports in the Harjumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TallinnTallinn Airport
MaarduTallinn Airport
KeilaÄmari Air Base
SaueTallinn Airport
SakuTallinn Airport
PaldiskiÄmari Air Base
LaagriTallinn Airport
RummuTallinn Airport
LoksaTallinn Airport
KehraTallinn Airport
JuriTallinn Airport
KoseTallinn Airport
LooTallinn Airport
TabasaluTallinn Airport
HaabneemeTallinn Airport
ArukulaTallinn Airport
ViimsiTallinn Airport
RaasikuTallinn Airport
KuusaluTallinn Airport
TurbaÄmari Air Base
RiisipereÄmari Air Base
VaidaTallinn Airport
KloogaÄmari Air Base
Kose-UuemoisaTallinn Airport
KiiliTallinn Airport
LagediTallinn Airport
AegviiduTallinn Airport
VasalemmaÄmari Air Base
KiiuTallinn Airport
PeetriTallinn Airport
KostivereTallinn Airport
LehtmetsaTallinn Airport
HarkuÄmari Air Base
PuunsiTallinn Airport
ValklaTallinn Airport
AasmaeÄmari Air Base
PringiTallinn Airport
AmariTallinn Airport
LuigeTallinn Airport
ArduTallinn Airport
KiisaTallinn Airport
LeholaÄmari Air Base
KolgakulaTallinn Airport
RandvereTallinn Airport
HarkujarveTallinn Airport
AlavereTallinn Airport
AssakuTallinn Airport
MiidurannaTallinn Airport
HaibaÄmari Air Base
OruTallinn Airport
CityNearest Airport
PadiseÄmari Air Base
Harju-RistiÄmari Air Base
Keila-JoaÄmari Air Base
RavilaTallinn Airport
KarjakulaÄmari Air Base
VanamoisaTallinn Airport
HuuruTallinn Airport
HabajaTallinn Airport
MurasteTallinn Airport
KurtnaTallinn Airport
VaskjalaTallinn Airport
RohuneemeTallinn Airport
KumnaÄmari Air Base
IruTallinn Airport
LaulasmaaÄmari Air Base
TutermaaÄmari Air Base
TurisaluÄmari Air Base
SuurupiÄmari Air Base
VardjaTallinn Airport
TammneemeTallinn Airport
RannamoisaTallinn Airport
LaitseÄmari Air Base
UlejoeTallinn Airport
VihasooTallinn Airport
VaanaÄmari Air Base
Vaana-JoesuuÄmari Air Base
JogisooÄmari Air Base
AllikuTallinn Airport
EllamaaÄmari Air Base
LohusaluÄmari Air Base
KohatuÄmari Air Base
TuulaÄmari Air Base
LehetuÄmari Air Base
MuugaTallinn Airport
ValinguÄmari Air Base
JalgimaeTallinn Airport
PeningiTallinn Airport
JarvekulaTallinn Airport
TagadiTallinn Airport
KalesiTallinn Airport
SuurpeaTallinn Airport
PatikaTallinn Airport
LeppneemeTallinn Airport
RaeTallinn Airport
ViinistuTallinn Airport
KiiaÄmari Air Base
PalvereTallinn Airport
UksnurmeTallinn Airport
TodvaTallinn Airport
OhtuÄmari Air Base