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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RaplaÄmari Air Base
KohilaTallinn Airport
MarjamaaÄmari Air Base
KehtnaÄmari Air Base
JarvakandiPärnu Airport
AluÄmari Air Base
Vana-VigalaPärnu Airport
JuuruTallinn Airport
KaerepereÄmari Air Base
OrgitaÄmari Air Base
KaruPärnu Airport
LellePärnu Airport
PrillimaeTallinn Airport
KuimetsaTallinn Airport
TammeÄmari Air Base
SipaÄmari Air Base
KodilaÄmari Air Base
EidaperePärnu Airport
VarbolaÄmari Air Base
RaikkulaÄmari Air Base
KeavaTallinn Airport
Kivi-VigalaPärnu Airport
ValguPärnu Airport
KastiÄmari Air Base
JarlepaTallinn Airport
LauknaÄmari Air Base
PurkuÄmari Air Base
ValtuÄmari Air Base
KuusikuÄmari Air Base
VilivereTallinn Airport
LohuTallinn Airport
SutlemaÄmari Air Base
AespaTallinn Airport
PurilaTallinn Airport
HageriÄmari Air Base
MoisamaaÄmari Air Base
IraÄmari Air Base
LokutaPärnu Airport
RabivereÄmari Air Base
PirguTallinn Airport
PahklaTallinn Airport
SotkeÄmari Air Base
KalbuÄmari Air Base
LipaÄmari Air Base
TeenuseTokhaapsalu Air Base
VahastuTallinn Airport
RanguÄmari Air Base
HaimreÄmari Air Base
PihaliÄmari Air Base
PaeTallinn Airport
CityNearest Airport
HertuTallinn Airport
NaraverePärnu Airport
PaarduPärnu Airport
Vana-KaiuTallinn Airport
MastiTallinn Airport
HagudiTallinn Airport
Adila-KrimmiÄmari Air Base
KojastuPärnu Airport
VanglaPärnu Airport
KausiPärnu Airport
LeibrePärnu Airport
NaistevallaÄmari Air Base
TolliÄmari Air Base
NommealuseÄmari Air Base
LokutajaÄmari Air Base
JaaniveskiÄmari Air Base
NommemetsaÄmari Air Base
LipametsaÄmari Air Base
PolmaÄmari Air Base
NurtuPärnu Airport
LillePärnu Airport
HiiePärnu Airport
PolluPärnu Airport
NadalamaÄmari Air Base
LellapereÄmari Air Base
KabikulaÄmari Air Base
LibaduÄmari Air Base
SulupereÄmari Air Base
KukuTallinn Airport
HarglaTallinn Airport
LooneTallinn Airport
TikaÄmari Air Base
LauriPärnu Airport
SuurekiviTallinn Airport
HaaklaPärnu Airport
AanduTallinn Airport
AdilaÄmari Air Base
Adila-TagakulaÄmari Air Base
AhekonnuPärnu Airport
AherdiÄmari Air Base
AletiPärnu Airport
AllikaPärnu Airport
AllikaÄmari Air Base
AllipaPärnu Airport
AltkulaTokhaapsalu Air Base
AltkulaÄmari Air Base
Alu-MetskulaÄmari Air Base
AngerjaTallinn Airport
Angerja-UlejoeTallinn Airport
AnijalaÄmari Air Base