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Note: Data of all the airports in the Jarvamaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PaideTallinn Airport
TuriPärnu Airport
KoeruTartu Airport
Jarva-JaaniTallinn Airport
SareverePärnu Airport
AraveteTallinn Airport
VaatsaTallinn Airport
Turi-AllikuPärnu Airport
LehtseTallinn Airport
Roosna-AllikuTallinn Airport
ImavereTartu Airport
JanedaTallinn Airport
KoigiTallinn Airport
OisuPärnu Airport
KabalaPärnu Airport
TarbjaTallinn Airport
AmblaTallinn Airport
AlbuTallinn Airport
AhulaTallinn Airport
PeetriTallinn Airport
KaraveteTallinn Airport
ViisuTallinn Airport
PainurmeTartu Airport
KarinuTallinn Airport
ErvitaTartu Airport
SargvereTallinn Airport
VaoTartu Airport
KaalepiTallinn Airport
LaupaPärnu Airport
TaiksePärnu Airport
LokutaPärnu Airport
KirnaTallinn Airport
KuksemaTallinn Airport
RetlaPärnu Airport
LoolaTallinn Airport
KasukonnaTartu Airport
PoikvaPärnu Airport
RoaTallinn Airport
VilleverePärnu Airport
ReopaluTallinn Airport
KoluPärnu Airport
MuusleriTallinn Airport
JogisooTallinn Airport
RoosnaTallinn Airport
KareverePärnu Airport
AnnaTartu Airport
JootmeTallinn Airport
AnariPärnu Airport
AiamaaPärnu Airport
VahukulaTartu Airport
CityNearest Airport
RassiPärnu Airport
ValjaotsaPärnu Airport
LahevereTartu Airport
PoakaTallinn Airport
UlejoeTallinn Airport
AasuvaljaTallinn Airport
ValjataguseTallinn Airport
SaueauguTallinn Airport
KriilevaljaTallinn Airport
AllikjarveTallinn Airport
KaredaTallinn Airport
NorraTartu Airport
RohuTartu Airport
PreediTartu Airport
VainjarveTartu Airport
KapuTallinn Airport
KuusnaTallinn Airport
JalgsemaTallinn Airport
MarjandiTallinn Airport
KurisooTallinn Airport
KirisaareTallinn Airport
KodasemaTallinn Airport
SeidlaTallinn Airport
MolaPärnu Airport
AbajaTartu Airport
AgeriTallinn Airport
AlliTallinn Airport
AmmutaTallinn Airport
AnikulaTallinn Airport
EnnistePärnu Airport
ArkmaPärnu Airport
ArukulaTartu Airport
ArukulaPärnu Airport
AruotsaTartu Airport
AtasteTallinn Airport
Ees-PalaTallinn Airport
Ees-VoobuTallinn Airport
EistvereTartu Airport
EivereTallinn Airport
EllavereTallinn Airport
AmbraTallinn Airport
EsnaTallinn Airport
HuuksiTartu Airport
IllevereTallinn Airport
JalalopeTallinn Airport
JalametsaTartu Airport
JandjaPärnu Airport
JaravereTartu Airport
Jarva-MadiseTallinn Airport
KaalepiTallinn Airport