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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
JogevaTartu Airport
PoltsamaaTartu Airport
MustveeTartu Airport
TabivereTartu Airport
SiimustiTartu Airport
AdavereTartu Airport
PuurmaniTartu Airport
KuremaaTartu Airport
PalamuseTartu Airport
TormaTartu Airport
VoisikuTartu Airport
Vaike-KamariTartu Airport
LustivereTartu Airport
RajaTartu Airport
LaiuseTartu Airport
LuuaTartu Airport
EskuTartu Airport
VaimastvereTartu Airport
KaarepereTartu Airport
VooreTartu Airport
SadalaTartu Airport
PisisaareTartu Airport
MaarjaTartu Airport
KuristaTartu Airport
SaareTartu Airport
PalaTartu Airport
SadukulaTartu Airport
VagariTartu Airport
PikknurmeTartu Airport
PainkulaTartu Airport
KamariTartu Airport
TihedaTartu Airport
VaiatuTartu Airport
OunaTartu Airport
VohmanommeTartu Airport
KasepaaTartu Airport
KassinurmeTartu Airport
TabivereTartu Airport
PikkjarveTartu Airport
KudinaTartu Airport
PauastvereTartu Airport
KardeTartu Airport
MallikvereTartu Airport
ToikvereTartu Airport
KalanaTartu Airport
NeanurmeTartu Airport
MetsakulaTartu Airport
PatasteTartu Airport
PajusiTartu Airport
LaiusevaljaTartu Airport
CityNearest Airport
KonnuTartu Airport
TahkvereTartu Airport
HarjanurmeTartu Airport
OmeduTartu Airport
RaabiseTartu Airport
LahavereTartu Airport
VisustiTartu Airport
VotikvereTartu Airport
LeediTartu Airport
PooraTartu Airport
KalmeTartu Airport
NovaTartu Airport
UmbusiTartu Airport
MohkulaTartu Airport
ValgmaTartu Airport
VoduvereTartu Airport
PudivereTartu Airport
KalikulaTartu Airport
TorveTartu Airport
KorenduseTartu Airport
VaidavereTartu Airport
VeaTartu Airport
SooruTartu Airport
EhavereTartu Airport
TorenurmeTartu Airport
AnnikvereTartu Airport
KastmekojaTartu Airport
OtslavaTartu Airport
PraaklimaTartu Airport
OvanurmeTartu Airport
VahiTartu Airport
UhmarduTartu Airport
ReinuTartu Airport
SepaTartu Airport
KodukulaTartu Airport
TormiTartu Airport
AltnurgaTartu Airport
KirikuvallaTartu Airport
LaasmeTartu Airport
JurikulaTartu Airport
OtiTartu Airport
SelliTartu Airport
EndlaTartu Airport
PedjaTartu Airport
RoheTartu Airport
PaduvereTartu Airport
IravereTartu Airport
VoidivereTartu Airport
OokatkuTartu Airport
LilastvereTartu Airport