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Note: Data of all the airports in the Saaremaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KuressaareKuressaare Airport
OrissaareTokhaapsalu Air Base
KarlaKuressaare Airport
SalmeKuressaare Airport
AsteKuressaare Airport
ValjalaKuressaare Airport
KihelkonnaKuressaare Airport
KudjapeKuressaare Airport
NasvaKuressaare Airport
LeisiKuressaare Airport
MustjalaKuressaare Airport
ParsamaKuressaare Airport
KarjaKuressaare Airport
LiivaKuressaare Airport
KoljalaKuressaare Airport
LumandaKuressaare Airport
PahklaKuressaare Airport
HellamaaTokhaapsalu Air Base
TagavereKuressaare Airport
LaimjalaKuressaare Airport
MetskulaKuressaare Airport
SandlaKuressaare Airport
LaatsaKuressaare Airport
EiklaKuressaare Airport
KoimlaKuressaare Airport
NommkulaTokhaapsalu Air Base
PihtlaKuressaare Airport
SaklaKuressaare Airport
KaoKuressaare Airport
KorkkulaKuressaare Airport
LahekulaKuressaare Airport
TornimaeKuressaare Airport
KorkvereTokhaapsalu Air Base
MetsaloukaKuressaare Airport
IrusteKuressaare Airport
PaenaseTokhaapsalu Air Base
PaeldaTokhaapsalu Air Base
LalliTokhaapsalu Air Base
RidasiTokhaapsalu Air Base
KanissaareTokhaapsalu Air Base
JaaniKärdla Airport
PahilaKuressaare Airport
KurdlaKuressaare Airport
VeerikuKuressaare Airport
PutlaKuressaare Airport
NassumaKuressaare Airport
VeereKuressaare Airport
DejevoKuressaare Airport
SutuKuressaare Airport
VattaKuressaare Airport
CityNearest Airport
KiirassaareKuressaare Airport
EeriksaareKuressaare Airport
AbrukaKuressaare Airport
AbulaKuressaare Airport
AlevikuKuressaare Airport
AljavaTokhaapsalu Air Base
AllikaKuressaare Airport
AnepesaKuressaare Airport
AnglaKuressaare Airport
AnijalaKuressaare Airport
AnsekulaKuressaare Airport
AnsiKuressaare Airport
AnumatuKuressaare Airport
ArasteKuressaare Airport
ArdlaKuressaare Airport
AreKuressaare Airport
AristeKuressaare Airport
AristeKuressaare Airport
ArjuKuressaare Airport
AruKuressaare Airport
AruKuressaare Airport
AruKuressaare Airport
AruKuressaare Airport
ArusteKuressaare Airport
ArusteKuressaare Airport
AsukaKuressaare Airport
AsukulaKuressaare Airport
AsvaKuressaare Airport
AtlaKuressaare Airport
AtuKuressaare Airport
AudlaKuressaare Airport
AulaKuressaare Airport
Aula-VintriKuressaare Airport
AustlaKuressaare Airport
EasteKuressaare Airport
EisteKuressaare Airport
ElmeKuressaare Airport
EndlaKuressaare Airport
HaamseKuressaare Airport
HaapsuKärdla Airport
HaavasooKuressaare Airport
HaeskaKuressaare Airport
HakjalaKuressaare Airport
HammelepaKuressaare Airport
HangaKuressaare Airport
HimmisteKuressaare Airport
HinduKuressaare Airport
HinduKärdla Airport
HirmusteKuressaare Airport
HobenikuKuressaare Airport