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Note: Data of all the airports in the Parnumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ParnuPärnu Airport
SindiPärnu Airport
VandraPärnu Airport
Kilingi-NommePärnu Airport
PaikusePärnu Airport
AudruPärnu Airport
Parnu-JaagupiPärnu Airport
SaugaPärnu Airport
TootsiPärnu Airport
MustlaPärnu Airport
TihemetsaPärnu Airport
HaademeestePärnu Airport
TostamaaPärnu Airport
LavassaarePärnu Airport
ToriPärnu Airport
UuluPärnu Airport
VoistePärnu Airport
PapsaarePärnu Airport
LibatsePärnu Airport
JooprePärnu Airport
ArePärnu Airport
SeljaPärnu Airport
JoesuuPärnu Airport
ReiuPärnu Airport
SaariPärnu Airport
KabliPärnu Airport
TammistePärnu Airport
TaliPärnu Airport
SurjuPärnu Airport
SeljametsaPärnu Airport
VihtraPärnu Airport
KoongaPärnu Airport
SuiguPärnu Airport
TreimaniPärnu Airport
LindiPärnu Airport
SillaPärnu Airport
SuurejoePärnu Airport
TaaliPärnu Airport
KerguPärnu Airport
LemmetsaPärnu Airport
AhastePärnu Airport
VahenurmePärnu Airport
ParnjoePärnu Airport
LaadiPärnu Airport
KilksamaPärnu Airport
LopePärnu Airport
UrgePärnu Airport
JaamakulaPärnu Airport
LodjaPärnu Airport
IklaPärnu Airport
CityNearest Airport
KihlepaPärnu Airport
PoldeotsaPärnu Airport
KaismaPärnu Airport
LeipstePärnu Airport
PulliPärnu Airport
MassiaruPärnu Airport
MetsapoolePärnu Airport
KaansooPärnu Airport
VarblaPärnu Airport
SelistePärnu Airport
NiiduPärnu Airport
LemsiPärnu Airport
VeeliksePärnu Airport
OidremaPärnu Airport
SaarePärnu Airport
VakiPärnu Airport
TammuruPärnu Airport
TousiPärnu Airport
KanakulaPärnu Airport
SoometsaPärnu Airport
KalitaPärnu Airport
LinakulaPärnu Airport
NurmePärnu Airport
RannametsaPärnu Airport
LiuPärnu Airport
TahkurannaPärnu Airport
MaldaPärnu Airport
RidalepaPärnu Airport
OaraPärnu Airport
PiistaojaPärnu Airport
ArumetsaPärnu Airport
PootsiPärnu Airport
TollaPärnu Airport
IlvesePärnu Airport
RootsikulaPärnu Airport
LangermaPärnu Airport
AlustePärnu Airport
MetsaaarePärnu Airport
JaarjaPärnu Airport
HalingaPärnu Airport
VoiduPärnu Airport
MannikustePärnu Airport
MurakaPärnu Airport
PenuPärnu Airport
PoharaPärnu Airport
SoevaPärnu Airport
KunnametsaPärnu Airport
HelenurmePärnu Airport
LahePärnu Airport
VorungiPärnu Airport