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Note: Data of all the airports in the Tartumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TartuTartu Airport
ElvaTartu Airport
NooTartu Airport
KallasteTartu Airport
PuhjaTartu Airport
UlenurmeTartu Airport
LohkvaTartu Airport
RonguTartu Airport
Suure-KambjaTartu Airport
VonnuTartu Airport
LuunjaTartu Airport
KaardiTartu Airport
KorvekulaTartu Airport
KoosaTartu Airport
IlmatsaluTartu Airport
RaniTartu Airport
LahteTartu Airport
RoiuTartu Airport
MellisteTartu Airport
LaevaTartu Airport
AksiTartu Airport
RannuTartu Airport
AlatskiviTartu Airport
VaraTartu Airport
KolkjaTartu Airport
HaageTartu Airport
KulitseTartu Airport
UlilaTartu Airport
RahingeTartu Airport
SoinasteTartu Airport
LukeTartu Airport
AnnikoruTartu Airport
UhtiTartu Airport
ToravereTartu Airport
VahiTartu Airport
KaagvereTartu Airport
KavastuTartu Airport
VasulaTartu Airport
VeduTartu Airport
KasepaaTartu Airport
NogiaruTartu Airport
Vana-KuusteTartu Airport
VarnjaTartu Airport
MehikoormaTartu Airport
MeeriTartu Airport
RamsiTartu Airport
TammistuTartu Airport
VorbuseTartu Airport
KarknaTartu Airport
EralaTartu Airport
CityNearest Airport
ReolaTartu Airport
ValgutaTartu Airport
RohuTartu Airport
TukiTartu Airport
KaarlijarveTartu Airport
TahtvereTartu Airport
KongutaTartu Airport
MoisanurmeTartu Airport
KurekulaTartu Airport
KarevereTartu Airport
LapetukmeTartu Airport
KorusteTartu Airport
TeedlaTartu Airport
VoikaTartu Airport
AravuTartu Airport
PilkaTartu Airport
VissiTartu Airport
ErvuTartu Airport
AardlaTartu Airport
IlliTartu Airport
MetsalaaneTartu Airport
KandikulaTartu Airport
VesneriTartu Airport
VoopsteTartu Airport
LemmatsiTartu Airport
NinaTartu Airport
KuristaTartu Airport
MeeksiTartu Airport
TammisteTartu Airport
LaanisteTartu Airport
MetsakiviTartu Airport
VoiblaTartu Airport
SojamaaTartu Airport
LossimaeTartu Airport
SaadjarveTartu Airport
RebaseTartu Airport
LalliTartu Airport
Vaike-RakkeTartu Airport
UdernaTartu Airport
IgnaseTartu Airport
RaigasteTartu Airport
KodukulaTartu Airport
SinikulaTartu Airport
MaksaTartu Airport
PokaTartu Airport
KokoraTartu Airport
TilgaTartu Airport
AlasooTartu Airport
MaramaaTartu Airport
SirguTartu Airport