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Note: Data of all the airports in the Polvamaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PolvaTartu Airport
RapinaTartu Airport
KanepiTartu Airport
AhjaTartu Airport
MammasteTartu Airport
VarskaTartu Airport
VerioraTartu Airport
HimmasteTartu Airport
Vastse-KuusteTartu Airport
MoosteTartu Airport
TilsiTartu Airport
KrootuseTartu Airport
SavernaTartu Airport
RosmaTartu Airport
PolgasteTartu Airport
PeriTartu Airport
MikitamaeTartu Airport
KauksiTartu Airport
ErastvereTartu Airport
OravaTartu Airport
LinteTartu Airport
RistipaloTartu Airport
LeeviTartu Airport
AarnaTartu Airport
ValgjarveTartu Airport
RuusaTartu Airport
TannassilmaTartu Airport
MaaritsaTartu Airport
LeevakuTartu Airport
VardjaTartu Airport
SoodomaTartu Airport
IhamaruTartu Airport
RaiglaTartu Airport
RasinaTartu Airport
SillapaaTartu Airport
KarilatsiTartu Airport
KarsteTartu Airport
LootvinaTartu Airport
PuuriTartu Airport
KiidjarveTartu Airport
NahaTartu Airport
VilusteTartu Airport
PartsiTartu Airport
JaanimoisaTartu Airport
KarsaTartu Airport
VoopsuTartu Airport
Vaike-RosnaTartu Airport
MetsteTartu Airport
SuurkulaTartu Airport
Vana-KoiolaTartu Airport
CityNearest Airport
PiigandiTartu Airport
RaadamaTartu Airport
HimmaTartu Airport
RahumaeTartu Airport
PrangliTartu Airport
LeevijoeTartu Airport
PahtpaaTartu Airport
HolvandiTartu Airport
TaevaskojaTartu Airport
TreskiTartu Airport
LokoTartu Airport
SaassaareTartu Airport
NohipaluTartu Airport
LihtensteiniTartu Airport
AndreTartu Airport
VaresteTartu Airport
KunksillaTartu Airport
KoolmaTartu Airport
JoeveereTartu Airport
HimmisteTartu Airport
NaruskiTartu Airport
PragiTartu Airport
MustajoeTartu Airport
SoresteTartu Airport
MagariTartu Airport
PikareinuTartu Airport
KooliTartu Airport
AiasteTartu Airport
HaukaTartu Airport
RebasteTartu Airport
JogeharaTartu Airport
KoigeraTartu Airport
NarapaaTartu Airport
RoosiTartu Airport
LaheTartu Airport
PeetrimoisaTartu Airport
JantraTartu Airport
OroTartu Airport
SuuremetsaTartu Airport
LepassaareTartu Airport
KolodavitsaTartu Airport
KoidulaTartu Airport
NedsajaTartu Airport
UlitinaTartu Airport
PattinaTartu Airport
PerdakuTartu Airport
KorelaTartu Airport
LutepaaTartu Airport
MaasovitsaTartu Airport
VerhulitsaTartu Airport