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This is an online tool to search airports in Hiiumaa, Estonia nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
Both domestic/regional and international airports in Hiiumaa, Estonia with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Hiiumaa, Estonia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Estonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KardlaKärdla Airport
KainaKärdla Airport
SuuremoisaKärdla Airport
EmmasteKärdla Airport
LaukaKärdla Airport
MannamaaKärdla Airport
LopeKärdla Airport
JausaKärdla Airport
PutkasteKärdla Airport
IsabellaKärdla Airport
MalvasteKärdla Airport
HausmaKärdla Airport
PuhalepaKärdla Airport
SoruKärdla Airport
SinimaKärdla Airport
KulakulaKärdla Airport
KadernaKärdla Airport
SuurerannaKärdla Airport
AadmaKärdla Airport
AlaKärdla Airport
AllikaKärdla Airport
ArukulaKärdla Airport
EsikulaKärdla Airport
HagasteKärdla Airport
HaldiKärdla Airport
HaldrekaKärdla Airport
HarjuKärdla Airport
HarjuKärdla Airport
Harju-MannikuKärdla Airport
HarmaKärdla Airport
HeigiKärdla Airport
HeiluKärdla Airport
HeisteKärdla Airport
HeistesooKärdla Airport
HellamaaKärdla Airport
HeltermaaKärdla Airport
HiiessaareKärdla Airport
HillesteKärdla Airport
HinduKärdla Airport
HirmusteKärdla Airport
HutiKärdla Airport
JoekulaKärdla Airport
JoesuuKärdla Airport
JoerannaKärdla Airport
KaasikuKärdla Airport
KabunaKärdla Airport
KaigutsiKärdla Airport
KalanaKärdla Airport
KalesteKärdla Airport
KalgiKärdla Airport
CityNearest Airport
KassariKärdla Airport
KausteKärdla Airport
KeremaKärdla Airport
KidasteKärdla Airport
KiduspeKärdla Airport
KiisiKärdla Airport
KiivraKärdla Airport
KitsaKärdla Airport
KodesteKärdla Airport
KogriKärdla Airport
KoidmaKärdla Airport
KolgaKärdla Airport
KolunommeKärdla Airport
KommuseljaKärdla Airport
KopaKärdla Airport
KopuKärdla Airport
KorgessaareKärdla Airport
KreiandiKärdla Airport
KukkaKärdla Airport
KulamaKärdla Airport
KuriKärdla Airport
KuristeKärdla Airport
KurisuKärdla Airport
KurisuKärdla Airport
KuusikuKärdla Airport
LassiKärdla Airport
LeetseljaKärdla Airport
LeigriKärdla Airport
LeisuKärdla Airport
LeluKärdla Airport
LepikuKärdla Airport
LigemaaKärdla Airport
LilbiKärdla Airport
LojaKärdla Airport
LuguseKärdla Airport
LuidjaKärdla Airport
MaaltseKärdla Airport
MaavliKärdla Airport
MaeKärdla Airport
MagipeKärdla Airport
ManspeKärdla Airport
MardihansuKärdla Airport
MetsakulaKärdla Airport
MetsalaukaKärdla Airport
MetsapereKärdla Airport
MokaKärdla Airport
MudaKärdla Airport
MudasteKärdla Airport
NapiKärdla Airport
NasvaKärdla Airport