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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SaurimoSaurimo Airport
CazageLuena Airport
Alto ChicapaLuena Airport
Alto CuiloSaurimo Airport
CacoloSaurimo Airport
CaiembaSaurimo Airport
CalueLuena Airport
CambambuelaLuena Airport
CambuendeLuena Airport
CandanjoembaSaurimo Airport
CatuchiLuena Airport
ChabundoSaurimo Airport
ChamauechiSaurimo Airport
Cha TumbaLuena Airport
ChiangaSaurimo Airport
ChicanhaSaurimo Airport
ChicuzaLuena Airport
ChiungungoLuena Airport
CucumbiSaurimo Airport
Luma CassaiLuena Airport
MacandalaSaurimo Airport
MachadoSaurimo Airport
MachisapaLuena Airport
MachissengueSaurimo Airport
MacuamuiloLuena Airport
MamieiSaurimo Airport
MatofoLuena Airport
MuacengeSaurimo Airport
MuachiavaLuena Airport
MuambumbaLuena Airport
MuangunzaLuena Airport
MuatianvoLuena Airport
MuaxitecaLuena Airport
MucambiLuena Airport
MunxinjengueSaurimo Airport
MusecaSaurimo Airport
MussuenoSaurimo Airport
NandongeLuena Airport
SacaceaLuena Airport
SachicapaSaurimo Airport
SacombaSaurimo Airport
SacufuaSaurimo Airport
SafucheSaurimo Airport
SaibuandaSaurimo Airport
SalibombaSaurimo Airport
SamapumbaLuena Airport
SambomaLuena Airport
SampaLuena Airport
SamuangueLuena Airport
SamungeLuena Airport
CityNearest Airport
SamuquenaSaurimo Airport
SamussanguengueSaurimo Airport
SandembaSaurimo Airport
SaongoLuena Airport
SavulaLuena Airport
SavungoLuena Airport
SesseLuena Airport
UacuevaLuena Airport
XachezelaLuena Airport
Xa PlumbaLuena Airport
XassengueLuena Airport
XassengueLuena Airport
MonamuacoSaurimo Airport
Mona QuimbundoSaurimo Airport
MuamongeSaurimo Airport
SachicapoSaurimo Airport
JaimeSaurimo Airport
MatezuaSaurimo Airport
UrfiqueSaurimo Airport
MupitaSaurimo Airport
CafucufucoSaurimo Airport
SamazoSaurimo Airport
SangageSaurimo Airport
CatoldSaurimo Airport
MalucangaLuena Airport
SamdlembueLuena Airport
SamaquenhaLuena Airport
SamutechichiLuena Airport
CarimaLuena Airport
CaioLuena Airport
SamuzavoLuena Airport
SariacaLuena Airport
LuongoLuena Airport
SacatechiamaLuena Airport
ChilaocaLuena Airport
SatechipangaLuena Airport
SacaluloLuena Airport
SacatechongoLuena Airport
CassocaLuena Airport
MuamueneLuena Airport
SacaiqueleLuena Airport
SaluindaLuena Airport
SamussemaLuena Airport
MartinsLuena Airport
MuafugaLuena Airport
ChimbundejiLuena Airport
NacapuzoLuena Airport
ChinongueLuena Airport
SangungaLuena Airport
CachataLuena Airport