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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NamibeNamibe Airport
MucuioNamibe Airport
MunhinoLubango Airport
MutumiequeLubango Airport
NestorLubango Airport
NevesNamibe Airport
NonguaiNamibe Airport
OtechifengoNamibe Airport
PambalaLubango Airport
PedivaNamibe Airport
PipasNamibe Airport
Morros do TchitunduloNamibe Airport
MontipaLubango Airport
J. FariaNamibe Airport
LolaLubango Airport
LuciraNamibe Airport
LusoNamibe Airport
MamueLubango Airport
MariquitaNamibe Airport
MipoloLubango Airport
MirapraiaNamibe Airport
MoimbaNamibe Airport
MongueraLubango Airport
Plateau dos CubaisNamibe Airport
Praia AmeliaNamibe Airport
Sao Joao do GiraulNamibe Airport
Sao Joao do SulNamibe Airport
Subida GrandeNamibe Airport
TamborNamibe Airport
TampaLubango Airport
TombuaNamibe Airport
TulondoLubango Airport
VauLubango Airport
VireiNamibe Airport
Sao Bento do SulNamibe Airport
Santa RosaNamibe Airport
Santa MartaNamibe Airport
Praia AzulNamibe Airport
Pulpito do NorteNamibe Airport
Pulpito do SulNamibe Airport
QuilembaLubango Airport
Renato GradeLubango Airport
RestauracaoNamibe Airport
Saco do GiraulNamibe Airport
SaionaLubango Airport
SalinasNamibe Airport
XincoLubango Airport
CityNearest Airport
IonaNamibe Airport
SacomarNamibe Airport
CambongueNamibe Airport
CamucuioLubango Airport
CangequeNamibe Airport
CapangombeLubango Airport
CapiraBenguela Airport
CapolopopoNamibe Airport
CaraculoNamibe Airport
Carvalho OliveiraNamibe Airport
CassimbasLubango Airport
CambenoNamibe Airport
CaitouLubango Airport
CairofaLubango Airport
ArihuaLubango Airport
AssuncaoLubango Airport
BabaNamibe Airport
Baia dos TigresNamibe Airport
BentiabaNamibe Airport
BibalaLubango Airport
CacimbasLubango Airport
CaindeLubango Airport
CaiombungoLubango Airport
ChacutoLubango Airport
Chapeu ArmadoNamibe Airport
Fazenda do AlexandreNamibe Airport
Fazenda MucungoNamibe Airport
FernandesLubango Airport
Foz do CuneneNamibe Airport
GargantaLubango Airport
GiraulNamibe Airport
Giraul de CimaNamibe Airport
HumbiaLubango Airport
HuncombaraneLubango Airport
Fazenda CamilungaNamibe Airport
Fazenda BrucoLubango Airport
EspinheiraNamibe Airport
ChicueiaNamibe Airport
ChicundiLubango Airport
ChingoLubango Airport
ChiungeNamibe Airport
CumieiraLubango Airport
Curoca NorteNamibe Airport
CutoLubango Airport
EmbalaLubango Airport
Empresa Industrial do Pinda LimitadaNamibe Airport
InamagandoNamibe Airport