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Note: Data of all the airports in the Moxico, Angola may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LuenaLuena Airport
LuauSaurimo Airport
LeuaLuena Airport
LumejeLuena Airport
AmengingoLuena Airport
AulaLuena Airport
Bala CangambaLuena Airport
BimbaleLuena Airport
BoundaKuito Airport
BundoMenongue Airport
CahangoMenongue Airport
CalandaLuena Airport
CalandulaLuena Airport
CalemaLuena Airport
CalupembaLuena Airport
CambachocoLuena Airport
CambungoMenongue Airport
CambutaLuena Airport
CamitangeLuena Airport
CamonoLuena Airport
CangambaLuena Airport
CangoaKuito Airport
CangoaKuito Airport
CangongaLuena Airport
CanguindeLuena Airport
CangumbeLuena Airport
CanicaLuena Airport
CapuzeLuena Airport
CariataLuena Airport
CassindeMenongue Airport
CassondaLuena Airport
CatangonzeKuito Airport
CatembuloLuena Airport
CaulembiMenongue Airport
ChachimbembaLuena Airport
ChamucindaKuito Airport
Cha PunganaMenongue Airport
ChicocoMenongue Airport
ChiessequeMenongue Airport
ChilandaLuena Airport
ChimbirMenongue Airport
ChinduringaLuena Airport
ChingambaKuito Airport
ChingilaLuena Airport
ChinjangaMenongue Airport
ChipoiaLuena Airport
ChipualMenongue Airport
ChissalaMenongue Airport
ChiuecaLuena Airport
CongunuaLuena Airport
CityNearest Airport
CuangoLuena Airport
DivingueLuena Airport
FigueiredoLuena Airport
GacheLuena Airport
GolongoKuito Airport
GomaLuena Airport
InhamoLuena Airport
LieloLuena Airport
LimbuetaLuena Airport
LingungulaMenongue Airport
LolungaMenongue Airport
LupaxiLuena Airport
MacouateLuena Airport
MajoroMenongue Airport
MangundoLuena Airport
ManjoloMenongue Airport
MasacoareLuena Airport
MatanjambaLuena Airport
MenucaLuena Airport
MiengoLuena Airport
MinganjaMenongue Airport
MochicuaMenongue Airport
MontanhaMenongue Airport
MossenziKuito Airport
MozazaLuena Airport
MuangaiLuena Airport
MuangangiaMenongue Airport
MuangucheMenongue Airport
Muene TemboLuena Airport
MuhuriLuena Airport
MuiazeLuena Airport
MulaloLuena Airport
QuifumboMenongue Airport
RifulosMenongue Airport
RimbondoMenongue Airport
SacaiomboLuena Airport
SacangaiLuena Airport
SacapangaLuena Airport
SacapocoLuena Airport
SacassendeLuena Airport
SachangaLuena Airport
SachiambeKuito Airport
SachigangoMenongue Airport
SachissolaLuena Airport
SaculuzaLuena Airport
SalumanaMenongue Airport
SamaimbaLuena Airport
SamaiondoLuena Airport
SambandeLuena Airport
SamuacoMenongue Airport