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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LucapaDundo Airport
CafungeSaurimo Airport
CaiomboSaurimo Airport
CuzandanaSaurimo Airport
LibataSaurimo Airport
MecumbaSaurimo Airport
MuacandalaSaurimo Airport
MuaxinguanguaSaurimo Airport
MutundoMalanje Airport
QuitapaMalanje Airport
Quitapa NovaMalanje Airport
SacafunfoSaurimo Airport
SacamboloSaurimo Airport
XanguloMalanje Airport
ZembueSaurimo Airport
BangoDundo Airport
Banza e LundaMalanje Airport
BongoMalanje Airport
BoteMalanje Airport
BumbaSaurimo Airport
BumbaMalanje Airport
BumbaSaurimo Airport
CabanaMalanje Airport
CabilaDundo Airport
CabindaMalanje Airport
CacuataMalanje Airport
Caculo CatemoSaurimo Airport
CacuriMalanje Airport
CafanhaMalanje Airport
CaianvoDundo Airport
CajijeMalanje Airport
CalalaDundo Airport
CalandalaMalanje Airport
CalandulaMalanje Airport
CalangaMalanje Airport
CaleilaoMalanje Airport
CalendaMalanje Airport
CalengoMalanje Airport
CaluangoDundo Airport
CaluataSaurimo Airport
CalucutaSaurimo Airport
CamafotaDundo Airport
CamanuaSaurimo Airport
CamaxiloSaurimo Airport
CambacacheSaurimo Airport
CambacanungoSaurimo Airport
Camba CassaiSaurimo Airport
CambacocoSaurimo Airport
CambacoriSaurimo Airport
Camba FotaDundo Airport
CityNearest Airport
CambalaMalanje Airport
CambambeMalanje Airport
CambangalaMalanje Airport
CambangungeSaurimo Airport
CamboloMalanje Airport
CambuizoMalanje Airport
CamibundoSaurimo Airport
CamojeDundo Airport
CamuangaDundo Airport
CangaMalanje Airport
CangaMalanje Airport
CangeMalanje Airport
CangengeDundo Airport
CangongoMalanje Airport
CanguindoSaurimo Airport
CangunzaSaurimo Airport
CanhongoMalanje Airport
Canungo NovaDundo Airport
CapelengueSaurimo Airport
CapembeSaurimo Airport
Capenda CamulembaSaurimo Airport
CarieriaSaurimo Airport
CarimbulaDundo Airport
CassangeMalanje Airport
Cassange CambangoSaurimo Airport
Cassange QuitumbaMalanje Airport
CassangoMalanje Airport
CassanzadeMalanje Airport
CasselaMalanje Airport
CassemeneSaurimo Airport
CasseuaSaurimo Airport
CassombeMalanje Airport
CatoloMalanje Airport
CaungulaDundo Airport
CaungulaSaurimo Airport
CavulaSaurimo Airport
ChaSaurimo Airport
Cha BondoSaurimo Airport
Chacala SacanenaDundo Airport
ChacaquessaSaurimo Airport
Cha CatamboSaurimo Airport
Cha ChacaSaurimo Airport
Cha ChaiongaSaurimo Airport
Cha EfulaSaurimo Airport
Cha GuveSaurimo Airport
ChalaDundo Airport
ChamalomboDundo Airport
ChambambeDundo Airport
Cha MuanzaSaurimo Airport
ChandalaSaurimo Airport