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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Luanda(Luanda)Quatro De Fevereiro Airport
Huambo(Huambo)Nova Lisboa Airport
Lobito(Benguela)Catumbela Airport
Benguela(Benguela)Benguela Airport
Kuito(Bie)Kuito Airport
Lubango(Huila)Lubango Airport
Malanje(Malanje)Malanje Airport
Namibe(Namibe)Namibe Airport
Soyo(Zaire)Soyo Airport
Cabinda(Cabinda)Cabinda Airport
Uige(Uige)Uige Airport
Saurimo(Lunda Sul)Saurimo Airport
Sumbe(Cuanza Sul)Sumbe Airport
Caluquembe(Huila)Nova Lisboa Airport
Caxito(Bengo)Quatro De Fevereiro Airport
Longonjo(Huambo)Nova Lisboa Airport
M'banza Congo(Zaire)Mbanza Congo Airport
Caala(Huambo)Nova Lisboa Airport
Luena(Moxico)Luena Airport
Lucapa(Lunda Norte)Dundo Airport
Camacupa(Bie)Kuito Airport
Catabola(Bie)Kuito Airport
Luau(Moxico)Saurimo Airport
N'zeto(Zaire)Soyo Airport
Catumbela(Benguela)Catumbela Airport
Camabatela(Cuanza Norte)Negage Airport
Waku Kungo(Cuanza Sul)Sumbe Airport
Caconda(Huila)Nova Lisboa Airport
Ondjiva(Cunene)Ngjiva Pereira Airport
Quibala(Cuanza Sul)Porto Amboim Airport
Chissamba(Bie)Kuito Airport
Leua(Moxico)Luena Airport
Lumeje(Moxico)Luena Airport
Cazage(Lunda Sul)Luena Airport
AmendoaBenguela Airport
CandoBenguela Airport
CandombeBenguela Airport
EuaBenguela Airport
TecapumoBenguela Airport
DutiBenguela Airport
TochacanaBenguela Airport
CanguengoBenguela Airport
VinjomboeBenguela Airport
ConjoBenguela Airport
ChangongeBenguela Airport
CocumbaBenguela Airport
MangeBenguela Airport
MangeBenguela Airport
SaoaBenguela Airport
PaitoBenguela Airport
CityNearest Airport
ChivandaBenguela Airport
CautereBenguela Airport
Uche GrandeBenguela Airport
ChipupeBenguela Airport
BicandoBenguela Airport
CalomboloBenguela Airport
SengaBenguela Airport
CachamaBenguela Airport
Baia AzulBenguela Airport
UcheBenguela Airport
ChivandaBenguela Airport
CassequelBenguela Airport
VibungoBenguela Airport
BimbasBenguela Airport
CassequelBenguela Airport
GamaBenguela Airport
MundaBenguela Airport
VinteCatumbela Airport
SpiandaloBenguela Airport
CohulaCatumbela Airport
ChiundoCatumbela Airport
ChoundoCatumbela Airport
PanderaCatumbela Airport
CassequeCatumbela Airport
CaculaCatumbela Airport
RocachitumboCatumbela Airport
TojoCatumbela Airport
LunieteCatumbela Airport
LevaCatumbela Airport
JombaCatumbela Airport
LobitoCatumbela Airport
LiangombeCatumbela Airport
NutacaCatumbela Airport
CalangoCatumbela Airport
ChipundaCatumbela Airport
CamoringueCatumbela Airport
CambambiCatumbela Airport
Central do CassequelCatumbela Airport
LuongoCatumbela Airport
NegraoCatumbela Airport
CapitongoCatumbela Airport
CalujaniaCatumbela Airport
ChipambaCatumbela Airport
AcumbaCatumbela Airport
ImbungoCatumbela Airport
AngangaCatumbela Airport
AguergueiCatumbela Airport
ColangoCatumbela Airport
PundoCatumbela Airport
ChirumboCatumbela Airport