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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
OndjivaNgjiva Pereira Airport
AmecandaNgjiva Pereira Airport
AmetinhoNgjiva Pereira Airport
AmucotocapaNgjiva Pereira Airport
AnhancaNgjiva Pereira Airport
AnhongoNgjiva Pereira Airport
BalungangaNgjiva Pereira Airport
BambaemoXangongo Airport
BambiNgjiva Pereira Airport
BangoXangongo Airport
Bela-BelaXangongo Airport
BolureXangongo Airport
BomeXangongo Airport
ButjeXangongo Airport
CacangoXangongo Airport
CachanaXangongo Airport
CacotoLubango Airport
CacuaXangongo Airport
CacuioXangongo Airport
CadueiaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CaendeXangongo Airport
CafimaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CafuXangongo Airport
CahamaXangongo Airport
CahutaXangongo Airport
CajambeXangongo Airport
CaleiXangongo Airport
CalembaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CalovangoXangongo Airport
CaluequeXangongo Airport
CaluequeXangongo Airport
CambaXangongo Airport
CangaXangongo Airport
CanoXangongo Airport
CapatoXangongo Airport
CarengeXangongo Airport
CarumbonaXangongo Airport
CatalaXangongo Airport
CataporindeXangongo Airport
CatatorindeXangongo Airport
CatequeroXangongo Airport
CavaleXangongo Airport
ChabicuaXangongo Airport
ChanangalaNgjiva Pereira Airport
ChetequeraXangongo Airport
ChibaXangongo Airport
ChibaboXangongo Airport
ChicotataXangongo Airport
ChicuaXangongo Airport
ChicuaXangongo Airport
CityNearest Airport
ChicusseXangongo Airport
ChiedeNgjiva Pereira Airport
ChifitoNgjiva Pereira Airport
ChilauXangongo Airport
ChimbuaXangongo Airport
ChimueMenongue Airport
ChindindeXangongo Airport
ChipaXangongo Airport
ChipanguaXangongo Airport
ChissitoXangongo Airport
ChitadoXangongo Airport
ChivembaNgjiva Pereira Airport
Cova do LeaoXangongo Airport
CuamatoXangongo Airport
CubatiMenongue Airport
CuvelaiXangongo Airport
DambaXangongo Airport
DamequeroXangongo Airport
DimbaXangongo Airport
DombondolaXangongo Airport
DonguenaXangongo Airport
DuvangoXangongo Airport
EdivaXangongo Airport
EdivaNgjiva Pereira Airport
Ediva do MuandiNgjiva Pereira Airport
EmbundoNgjiva Pereira Airport
EnjambaXangongo Airport
Etale do MulaviNgjiva Pereira Airport
EvaleNgjiva Pereira Airport
GuenjoMenongue Airport
HengueXangongo Airport
HumbeXangongo Airport
JuangaloXangongo Airport
LuaXangongo Airport
LuideNgjiva Pereira Airport
LundoXangongo Airport
LupembeXangongo Airport
LuvungoXangongo Airport
MaamaXangongo Airport
MatembaXangongo Airport
MatembaNgjiva Pereira Airport
MatembaNgjiva Pereira Airport
MauleveXangongo Airport
MelungaNgjiva Pereira Airport
MiumbaXangongo Airport
MonguaXangongo Airport
MuandeXangongo Airport
MucopeXangongo Airport
MuculoXangongo Airport
MueXangongo Airport