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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
CamabatelaNegage Airport
LonundoNova Lisboa Airport
AbreuQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
AdelinaMalanje Airport
AgabiaMalanje Airport
Aldeia NovaNegage Airport
AlmeidaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
AnambuaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
BaloguingaNegage Airport
BangaNegage Airport
BangaNegage Airport
BangeNegage Airport
Bango AzongoQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
BanguloNegage Airport
BanzaMalanje Airport
Banza de Caculo CaendaNegage Airport
Banza de CapeleNegage Airport
Banza de MangumboNegage Airport
Banza de QuilomboNegage Airport
Banza de QuimbambaNegage Airport
Banza MussussoNegage Airport
Banza QuipeteNegage Airport
Banza Soba IangoNegage Airport
BataNegage Airport
BecaNegage Airport
BegeNegage Airport
Beira AltaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
BelemNegage Airport
BemboMalanje Airport
BengueNegage Airport
BengueNegage Airport
BentoNegage Airport
BenzaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
BindoNegage Airport
Boa VistaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
BolongongoNegage Airport
BondoNegage Airport
BonzoNegage Airport
BuazaNegage Airport
BuelaMalanje Airport
Bula AtumbaNegage Airport
BuloPorto Amboim Airport
BungoPorto Amboim Airport
ButaNegage Airport
ButifarNegage Airport
ButungoQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
ButungoQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CabacaMalanje Airport
CabacaPorto Amboim Airport
CabangaNegage Airport
CityNearest Airport
CabangaNegage Airport
CabangaMalanje Airport
CabangaMalanje Airport
CabangoQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CabazaPorto Amboim Airport
CabebeNegage Airport
CabindaMalanje Airport
CaboboNegage Airport
CabocoNegage Airport
CabocoPorto Amboim Airport
CabongoMalanje Airport
CacaNegage Airport
CacambaNegage Airport
CacangaNegage Airport
CachicaPorto Amboim Airport
CacuanzaPorto Amboim Airport
CaculoMalanje Airport
CaculoMalanje Airport
CaculoPorto Amboim Airport
Caculo CabacaNegage Airport
Caculo CabacaNegage Airport
Caculo CassochePorto Amboim Airport
CacumbiMalanje Airport
CacusoNegage Airport
CafululaMalanje Airport
CagingaNegage Airport
CaimaNegage Airport
CajissangeMalanje Airport
CajueiroPorto Amboim Airport
CalaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CalaialaNegage Airport
CalandaNegage Airport
CalandaNegage Airport
CalandaNegage Airport
CalangaNegage Airport
CalembaNegage Airport
CalembeMalanje Airport
CalohomboNegage Airport
CaloloMalanje Airport
CaloloMalanje Airport
CalombeMalanje Airport
CalotoQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CalulaiMalanje Airport
Calunga-CaiumbaNegage Airport
Calunga CazucamaNegage Airport
CalungulaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CamabelaQuatro De Fevereiro Airport
CamacuriMalanje Airport
CamameNegage Airport
CamaritareNegage Airport