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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LubangoLubango Airport
CaluquembeNova Lisboa Airport
CacondaNova Lisboa Airport
Aldeia Sao JoseNova Lisboa Airport
AnharaNova Lisboa Airport
AnjaveloXangongo Airport
BaleMenongue Airport
BambereLubango Airport
BambiNova Lisboa Airport
BandeiraNova Lisboa Airport
BangalaLubango Airport
Bata-BataLubango Airport
BenguirXangongo Airport
BingaLubango Airport
BissapaNova Lisboa Airport
BombaLubango Airport
BomboNova Lisboa Airport
BulaXangongo Airport
BunjeiNova Lisboa Airport
ButoXangongo Airport
CabireNova Lisboa Airport
CachicalaNova Lisboa Airport
CacoioLubango Airport
CaculaLubango Airport
CaculuvarLubango Airport
CafucufucoLubango Airport
CahimbaLubango Airport
CaholoLubango Airport
CaiangulaNova Lisboa Airport
CalengaNova Lisboa Airport
CalengueNova Lisboa Airport
CalepiLubango Airport
CalongaXangongo Airport
CalueioNova Lisboa Airport
CalumbingaLubango Airport
CalundangoNova Lisboa Airport
CaluomboloNova Lisboa Airport
CaluquembeLubango Airport
CaluquemeNova Lisboa Airport
CamavaLubango Airport
CambisaMenongue Airport
CamboleMenongue Airport
CampangaLubango Airport
CampuloMenongue Airport
CamucuaLubango Airport
CamumbirLubango Airport
CandongoMenongue Airport
CanducoNova Lisboa Airport
CandungoNova Lisboa Airport
CangalongueLubango Airport
CityNearest Airport
CangoloNova Lisboa Airport
CangoloLubango Airport
CanhungonhungoLubango Airport
CanjoaoNova Lisboa Airport
CanjoleNova Lisboa Airport
CapandeLubango Airport
CapeleNova Lisboa Airport
CapelongoLubango Airport
CapembeMenongue Airport
CapocoNova Lisboa Airport
CapulaMenongue Airport
CapundaMenongue Airport
Capunda CavilongoLubango Airport
CaquindaMenongue Airport
CassesseNova Lisboa Airport
CassindeMenongue Airport
CassingaMenongue Airport
CassocoNova Lisboa Airport
CassocoXangongo Airport
CassongueNova Lisboa Airport
CatalaMenongue Airport
CatapeNova Lisboa Airport
CatapeLubango Airport
CativaNova Lisboa Airport
CatocoMenongue Airport
CatongaLubango Airport
CaviomboLubango Airport
CaxilaMenongue Airport
ChacacaLubango Airport
ChanhangaXangongo Airport
ChatenaLubango Airport
ChaungoLubango Airport
CherequeraLubango Airport
ChiangeLubango Airport
ChibembaLubango Airport
ChibiaLubango Airport
ChicalaNova Lisboa Airport
ChicambeNova Lisboa Airport
ChicambeNova Lisboa Airport
ChicoenaLubango Airport
ChicombaLubango Airport
Chicomba VelhaLubango Airport
ChicuangoNova Lisboa Airport
ChicuaqueiaLubango Airport
ChicungoLubango Airport
ChicunhoNova Lisboa Airport
ChileNova Lisboa Airport
ChimbarandongoNova Lisboa Airport
ChimucuaLubango Airport
ChindululuNova Lisboa Airport