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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AhicaNgjiva Pereira Airport
AimbirNgjiva Pereira Airport
AmentenhaMenongue Airport
AmutenhaMenongue Airport
AringomaMenongue Airport
AriombaMenongue Airport
AulicoNgjiva Pereira Airport
Baixo LongaMenongue Airport
BambeMenongue Airport
BengoMenongue Airport
BiavelaMenongue Airport
BimbeMenongue Airport
BimbeMenongue Airport
BitanguaMenongue Airport
BondoMenongue Airport
BonjeMenongue Airport
BuloMenongue Airport
CaalaMenongue Airport
CabauaMenongue Airport
CabimbiaMenongue Airport
CabindeleMenongue Airport
CaboNgjiva Pereira Airport
CachequereMenongue Airport
CachinacageMenongue Airport
CachiuaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CacoloMenongue Airport
CafrumentoMenongue Airport
CaiocoMenongue Airport
CaiongoMenongue Airport
CaiundoMenongue Airport
CalaiMenongue Airport
CalengaMenongue Airport
CalolaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CalucutaMenongue Airport
CalumbaMenongue Airport
CalungaMenongue Airport
CalupenhaMenongue Airport
CambindaMenongue Airport
CambindaMenongue Airport
CambindaMenongue Airport
CamedongoMenongue Airport
CameiaMenongue Airport
CamenhaMenongue Airport
CamucolaMenongue Airport
CamuioioMenongue Airport
CandanaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CandelelaMenongue Airport
CandingoMenongue Airport
CandoMenongue Airport
CandondoMenongue Airport
CityNearest Airport
CandongaMenongue Airport
CanequeteraMenongue Airport
CangatiMenongue Airport
CangombeMenongue Airport
CangondoMenongue Airport
CanguiaMenongue Airport
CanhanhoMenongue Airport
CanhauaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CanhetonatoMenongue Airport
CanhevaMenongue Airport
CapamboMenongue Airport
CapambundaNgjiva Pereira Airport
CapapeloMenongue Airport
CapicoMenongue Airport
CapunaMenongue Airport
CapundiMenongue Airport
CapupaMenongue Airport
CapussaMenongue Airport
CaquequeMenongue Airport
CaricangoMenongue Airport
CarimbueMenongue Airport
CassoloMenongue Airport
CatacaMenongue Airport
CatambueNgjiva Pereira Airport
CatoloMenongue Airport
CaunoMenongue Airport
CavulaMenongue Airport
CavussiuaMenongue Airport
CaziloMenongue Airport
ChapamucaNgjiva Pereira Airport
ChengoMenongue Airport
ChiandaMenongue Airport
ChiaveMenongue Airport
ChicoteMenongue Airport
ChiengoMenongue Airport
ChifuacoMenongue Airport
ChileiaMenongue Airport
ChileleMenongue Airport
ChimakelaMenongue Airport
ChimbameMenongue Airport
ChimbuetaMenongue Airport
ChindandeMenongue Airport
ChindubiMenongue Airport
ChingandaMenongue Airport
ChinguanjaMenongue Airport
ChinguelesoMenongue Airport
ChingundoMenongue Airport
ChioaneMenongue Airport
ChipaueMenongue Airport
ChipeteMenongue Airport