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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SumbeSumbe Airport
Waku KungoSumbe Airport
QuibalaPorto Amboim Airport
Abel CarapuchosoSumbe Airport
AcoSumbe Airport
AcumbaSumbe Airport
AgeSumbe Airport
AiomboSumbe Airport
AlbertoNova Lisboa Airport
Alberto A. CancelaSumbe Airport
AlmeidaSumbe Airport
A. MarquesSumbe Airport
AmbandeSumbe Airport
AmboivaSumbe Airport
AmboivaSumbe Airport
Ana Bota da SilvaSumbe Airport
AndaSumbe Airport
AnduloPorto Amboim Airport
Antonio SilvaSumbe Airport
AquepaSumbe Airport
AquepaSumbe Airport
ArreeiroSumbe Airport
AssangoSumbe Airport
AssangoSumbe Airport
Assango da QuimangaSumbe Airport
Assango SegundoSumbe Airport
AtomeSumbe Airport
Bala GolungoSumbe Airport
BambalaPorto Amboim Airport
BandaSumbe Airport
BanduaNova Lisboa Airport
BangoSumbe Airport
BangoSumbe Airport
BanjaNova Lisboa Airport
BanjeSumbe Airport
BanjeSumbe Airport
BanzaPorto Amboim Airport
BanzaSumbe Airport
Banza CungoSumbe Airport
Banza MucongoPorto Amboim Airport
Banza QuicocutoSumbe Airport
Banza-TambaMalanje Airport
Banza TariPorto Amboim Airport
BarbanteNova Lisboa Airport
BateSumbe Airport
Beira AltaSumbe Airport
Bela VistaSumbe Airport
BengaPorto Amboim Airport
BimbeSumbe Airport
BimbeSumbe Airport
CityNearest Airport
BimbeSumbe Airport
BingaSumbe Airport
BingaSumbe Airport
Binge NovoNova Lisboa Airport
Boa EntradaSumbe Airport
Boa ViagemPorto Amboim Airport
BocatoSumbe Airport
BolaMalanje Airport
BolundaMalanje Airport
BomboSumbe Airport
BomboNova Lisboa Airport
BondjeSumbe Airport
BoteraSumbe Airport
BrazNova Lisboa Airport
BuandangueSumbe Airport
BuangaSumbe Airport
BuloSumbe Airport
BumbaSumbe Airport
BundaSumbe Airport
BundaSumbe Airport
ButramoNova Lisboa Airport
CaacataSumbe Airport
CaacataSumbe Airport
CaanaPorto Amboim Airport
CabacaMalanje Airport
CabezoMalanje Airport
CabomboPorto Amboim Airport
CabongoPorto Amboim Airport
CabouloSumbe Airport
CacacoNova Lisboa Airport
CacharaSumbe Airport
CachatNova Lisboa Airport
CachingueMalanje Airport
CachonaPorto Amboim Airport
CacipaNova Lisboa Airport
CacipoSumbe Airport
CacombaSumbe Airport
CacombaSumbe Airport
CacossoSumbe Airport
CacuacoPorto Amboim Airport
Cacumba LuisSumbe Airport
CadjenguliaNova Lisboa Airport
CafecangombePorto Amboim Airport
CafululoPorto Amboim Airport
CahanaPorto Amboim Airport
CaholoMalanje Airport
CahundiNova Lisboa Airport
CaialaSumbe Airport
CaiangoSumbe Airport
CaibaSumbe Airport