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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KuitoKuito Airport
CamacupaKuito Airport
CatabolaKuito Airport
ChissambaKuito Airport
AlandaKuito Airport
AlembaMalanje Airport
Alto CuanzaKuito Airport
AnduloKuito Airport
AnduloKuito Airport
AtendeKuito Airport
BacumaKuito Airport
Belo HorizonteKuito Airport
BembeMenongue Airport
BeteKuito Airport
BeuKuito Airport
BitovoKuito Airport
BongaKuito Airport
BuangaKuito Airport
CaarKuito Airport
CabangoKuito Airport
CachinguesKuito Airport
CaialaKuito Airport
CaidoKuito Airport
CaieiKuito Airport
CaindaKuito Airport
CaiocoMenongue Airport
CaiondeMalanje Airport
CaiuboKuito Airport
CalamboKuito Airport
CalembeKuito Airport
CalendeKuito Airport
CalucingaKuito Airport
CaluimbeKuito Airport
CalulavelaKuito Airport
CalupotecaKuito Airport
CambanduaKuito Airport
CambangoKuito Airport
CambembeKuito Airport
CambingaKuito Airport
CambonguaKuito Airport
CameraKuito Airport
CaminguriKuito Airport
CamocoKuito Airport
CamoraKuito Airport
CamueMenongue Airport
CamuxiloKuito Airport
CandingoKuito Airport
CangalaKuito Airport
CangaloKuito Airport
CangengoKuito Airport
CityNearest Airport
CangoteKuito Airport
CangoteKuito Airport
CanhenheMenongue Airport
CaninguirKuito Airport
CanjambaKuito Airport
CanjangueMalanje Airport
CanjungoKuito Airport
CanucheKuito Airport
CaoeuKuito Airport
CapangoKuito Airport
CapangoKuito Airport
CapanoKuito Airport
CapauaKuito Airport
CapauveKuito Airport
CapecaKuito Airport
CapeioKuito Airport
CapeioKuito Airport
CapeioKuito Airport
CapindeKuito Airport
CapitangoKuito Airport
CapiteKuito Airport
CapoloKuito Airport
CariaKuito Airport
CarifengoKuito Airport
CarilaKuito Airport
CariliuekeKuito Airport
CaservaKuito Airport
CassambaKuito Airport
CassangalaKuito Airport
CassecoKuito Airport
CassequeKuito Airport
CassoangaKuito Airport
CassomboKuito Airport
CassomboKuito Airport
CassorioKuito Airport
CassumbeKuito Airport
CatalaMalanje Airport
CatalaKuito Airport
CatechingoleleKuito Airport
CateveKuito Airport
CatimaKuito Airport
CativaKuito Airport
CatoquessaMenongue Airport
CatotaMenongue Airport
CatoteKuito Airport
CatualaKuito Airport
CauendeKuito Airport
CauololoKuito Airport
CavangoKuito Airport
CavocoKuito Airport