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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Angola for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MalanjeMalanje Airport
BemboMalanje Airport
CabolocaMalanje Airport
CalunganganaMalanje Airport
CamalaKuito Airport
CamanacasaLuena Airport
CamatangaLuena Airport
Cambundi-CatemboMalanje Airport
CangombeLuena Airport
CapelaKuito Airport
Capembe PrimeiroMalanje Airport
CapendaKuito Airport
CapilaLuena Airport
CapundaMalanje Airport
CaquemaMalanje Airport
CassangaMalanje Airport
CassangaKuito Airport
CatecaMalanje Airport
CavangoKuito Airport
Cha CalumboLuena Airport
Cha CaringaLuena Airport
ChafanaLuena Airport
ChamudieKuito Airport
Cha QuiumboLuena Airport
Cha SambaMalanje Airport
ChavangoKuito Airport
ChicambaKuito Airport
ChimboloMalanje Airport
ChingandoKuito Airport
ChipelengaLuena Airport
CojeMalanje Airport
ConjunjoKuito Airport
CoradoLuena Airport
CossoMalanje Airport
CungoMalanje Airport
CutequeMalanje Airport
DocaKuito Airport
Dumba CambangoMalanje Airport
GanangombeMalanje Airport
GondoMalanje Airport
GongoMalanje Airport
IcoloKuito Airport
LufugicaLuena Airport
LunjeMalanje Airport
LuquemboKuito Airport
MacandaLuena Airport
MassangoMalanje Airport
M'ChambaKuito Airport
McojeLuena Airport
MissongoMalanje Airport
CityNearest Airport
MombulaMalanje Airport
Mua MungoaLuena Airport
MuandumbaLuena Airport
MuassongaLuena Airport
MuatchimbiaLuena Airport
MubaleMalanje Airport
MucamboMalanje Airport
MucandeKuito Airport
MuhongoMalanje Airport
MundalaMalanje Airport
MusserengoKuito Airport
MussoloMalanje Airport
MutuanguengoMalanje Airport
NbongeMalanje Airport
Ndumba TemboLuena Airport
NgondoMalanje Airport
NgumaMalanje Airport
NhaengoMalanje Airport
OmuangaMalanje Airport
PaxeMalanje Airport
PundiMalanje Airport
QuebelaMalanje Airport
QuicalaMalanje Airport
QuicandoMalanje Airport
QuiciataMalanje Airport
QuimbangoKuito Airport
QuimboloKuito Airport
QuingungoMalanje Airport
QuirimaKuito Airport
SacabeiaMalanje Airport
SacaiaKuito Airport
SacueiKuito Airport
SamomaKuito Airport
SanhinguineKuito Airport
SautarLuena Airport
SingombeKuito Airport
SolarLuena Airport
TemboMalanje Airport
TxicunheMalanje Airport
XamessangaMalanje Airport
ZecoMalanje Airport
ZongoKuito Airport
Zongo AmbelaMalanje Airport
ZundiMalanje Airport
UtendeMalanje Airport
MicessaMalanje Airport
CanutoMalanje Airport
CardosoMalanje Airport
Jesus PedroMalanje Airport
CamissomboMalanje Airport