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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PetropavlovskPetropavlosk South Airport
KokshetauKokshetau Airport
ShchuchinskKokshetau Airport
TaiynshaKokshetau Airport
BulaevoPetropavlosk South Airport
SergeevkaPetropavlosk South Airport
Kishkenekol'Kokshetau Airport
NovoishimskiyKokshetau Airport
SmirnovoPetropavlosk South Airport
Bishkul'Petropavlosk South Airport
YavlenkaPetropavlosk South Airport
StepnyakKokshetau Airport
TimiryazevoKostanay West Airport
TalshyqKokshetau Airport
Saumalkol'Kokshetau Airport
AksuatKokshetau Airport
ZhangaauylKokshetau Airport
Shoptikol'Kokshetau Airport
MamayKokshetau Airport
QudabasKokshetau Airport
QyrymbetKokshetau Airport
KokterekKokshetau Airport
BereznyakovkaKokshetau Airport
KarlovkaKokshetau Airport
ChernigovskoeKokshetau Airport
BakhmutKokshetau Airport
Dongul'agashKokshetau Airport
SvetloeKokshetau Airport
Koskol'Kokshetau Airport
BelogradovkaKokshetau Airport
MaybalyqPetropavlosk South Airport
VoroshilovskiyPetropavlosk South Airport
ChirikovkaPetropavlosk South Airport
CherunovkaPetropavlosk South Airport
MirnoyePetropavlosk South Airport
Razdol'noyePetropavlosk South Airport
LeninoPetropavlosk South Airport
QayrankolPetropavlosk South Airport
BaumanskoyePetropavlosk South Airport
YastrebinkaPetropavlosk South Airport
BaysalPetropavlosk South Airport
Sin'kovoPetropavlosk South Airport
PervomayskoyeKokshetau Airport
Afanas'yevkaKokshetau Airport
AqqudyqKokshetau Airport
AleksandrovkaKokshetau Airport
AleksandrovkaPetropavlosk South Airport
AlekseevkaKokshetau Airport
AndreyevkaKokshetau Airport
AntonovkaKokshetau Airport
CityNearest Airport
Arkhangel'skoyePetropavlosk South Airport
TauaghashPetropavlosk South Airport
Arkhangel'skoyePetropavlosk South Airport
AryqbalyqKokshetau Airport
AstrakhankaPetropavlosk South Airport
AydabulKokshetau Airport
AymzhanPetropavlosk South Airport
ZaozernyyKokshetau Airport
AysaryKokshetau Airport
AysaryKokshetau Airport
AyyrtauKokshetau Airport
BabekeEkibastuz Airport
BaratayKokshetau Airport
BeloglinkaKokshetau Airport
BeloePetropavlosk South Airport
BidayyqKokshetau Airport
BirlestikKokshetau Airport
BlagoveshchenkaPetropavlosk South Airport
BogatoyePetropavlosk South Airport
BogolyubovoPetropavlosk South Airport
Bol'shoy IzyumKokshetau Airport
BurabayKokshetau Airport
BostandyqKokshetau Airport
BugrovoePetropavlosk South Airport
ShaghalalyKokshetau Airport
ChapayevkaPetropavlosk South Airport
CherkasskoePetropavlosk South Airport
ChernobayevkaKokshetau Airport
ChernozubovkaKokshetau Airport
ChervonnoyeKokshetau Airport
Chistopol'eKokshetau Airport
AlqaterekKokshetau Airport
ChkalovKokshetau Airport
DmitrievkaKokshetau Airport
DmitriyevkaPetropavlosk South Airport
DokuchayevoPetropavlosk South Airport
DonetskoeKokshetau Airport
DorogovkaKokshetau Airport
DubrovkaKokshetau Airport
DubrovnoyePetropavlosk South Airport
DubrovnoyePetropavlosk South Airport
DvoynikiKokshetau Airport
ZhambylPetropavlosk South Airport
EngbekshilderKokshetau Airport
Gor'kovskoeKokshetau Airport
Grigor'yevkaPetropavlosk South Airport
Il'inkaPetropavlosk South Airport
ImantauKokshetau Airport
Gor'koyeKokshetau Airport
MolodogvardeyskoeKokshetau Airport