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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ZhezqazghanDzhezkazgan Airport
BalkhashBalkhash Airport
AbaySary-Arka Airport
QarazhalZhezkazgan Airport
ShakhanSary-Arka Airport
AtasuSary-Arka Airport
AqtasSary-Arka Airport
AqadyrSary-Arka Airport
QarqaralySary-Arka Airport
OsakarovkaAstana International Airport
KievkaAstana International Airport
NovodolinskiySary-Arka Airport
AqshatauBalkhash Airport
Aqsu-AyulySary-Arka Airport
DolinkaSary-Arka Airport
SayaqBalkhash Airport
SaryshaganBalkhash Airport
TokarevkaSary-Arka Airport
QushoqySary-Arka Airport
ShashubayBalkhash Airport
AkzhalSary-Arka Airport
Saken SeyfullinSary-Arka Airport
MoyyntyBalkhash Airport
ZhambylBalkhash Airport
ShubarkolDzhezkazgan Airport
GulshatBalkhash Airport
KarasuEkibastuz Airport
KyzyltasskoyeEkibastuz Airport
ZhuantobeEkibastuz Airport
OrtaderesinBalkhash Airport
QyzyltauSary-Arka Airport
BaymyrzaZhezkazgan Airport
AqtauSary-Arka Airport
ShalqiyaZhezkazgan Airport
TerektiKurchatov Airfield
UmutkerSary-Arka Airport
TrudovoeSary-Arka Airport
Oktyabr'Astana International Airport
SadovoeAstana International Airport
AynabulakKurchatov Airfield
DogalanKurchatov Airfield
KarabulakSary-Arka Airport
TaldySary-Arka Airport
ZharlySary-Arka Airport
TegisshildikSary-Arka Airport
Novyy Put'Sary-Arka Airport
YntalySary-Arka Airport
SuyksuSary-Arka Airport
TaldySary-Arka Airport
NurataldySary-Arka Airport
CityNearest Airport
Zelenyye KlyuchiSary-Arka Airport
DzhonSary-Arka Airport
QosqopaSary-Arka Airport
KoshkarBalkhash Airport
YenbekSary-Arka Airport
SaryterekBalkhash Airport
KirovSary-Arka Airport
SauleBalkhash Airport
KyzyltauSary-Arka Airport
KalininBalkhash Airport
NuraSary-Arka Airport
KaramysSary-Arka Airport
IntumakSary-Arka Airport
OrynbaySary-Arka Airport
MangadyrZhezkazgan Airport
YegindiDzhezkazgan Airport
ShakhabayDzhezkazgan Airport
UngirliDzhezkazgan Airport
SarytoganDzhezkazgan Airport
TersakkanDzhezkazgan Airport
BaysakalDzhezkazgan Airport
SarbasDzhezkazgan Airport
Agashtykol'Astana International Airport
AkbastauSary-Arka Airport
AqbauyrSary-Arka Airport
AqkengseZhezkazgan Airport
AqqoraSary-Arka Airport
AqtasDzhezkazgan Airport
AqtastyKurchatov Airfield
AqtobeSary-Arka Airport
AqtoghayBalkhash Airport
AqtubekSary-Arka Airport
Ak-TyubekAstana International Airport
AqzhalBalkhash Airport
AqzharyqBalkhash Airport
AmantauAstana International Airport
AqtauSary-Arka Airport
AshakAstana International Airport
AtasuSary-Arka Airport
AybyzSary-Arka Airport
AynabulaqSary-Arka Airport
AyryqKurchatov Airfield
AyyrtasBalkhash Airport
BalakundyzdyAstana International Airport
Balyktykol'Sary-Arka Airport
BarshynAstana International Airport
BatpaqSary-Arka Airport
BaturinkaAstana International Airport
BatyqSary-Arka Airport
BayqongyrDzhezkazgan Airport